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Point of View

Not sure which point of view to use? This guide from Reedsy explains the benefits of each POV using examples from books.

NaNoWriMo: A Writer's Guide

Is NaNoWriMo the biggest creative challenge of the year, or a waste of 30 days? Find out for yourself — with tips to help you succeed!

Publishing Children's Books

If you've written a picture book, a kid's chapter book, or a Middle-Grade novel, what's the best way to get it published?

What is the Theme of a Story?

Learn what a literary theme is and how you can identify it. Includes a quiz so you can test yourself!

Flash Fiction: An Introduction

What is flash fiction? What makes it so great? And where is it published? All your questions answered before you can say Twitterature.

Types of Professional Editing

What are the different types of editing? From development to fact-checking, here are the 5 major editing types every author needs to know

BookBub for Authors

From BookBub Featured Deals to self-serve ads and new release notifications, our exhaustive guide will teach you all you need to know about BookBub!

ISBN: An Author's Guide

Find out what an ISBN is, whether you really need one, and what buying an ISBN number will cost.

Parts of a Book: Overview

What are the different parts of a book? Learn what makes up the front matter, back matter, and body — so you can create your own book today!

How to Write a Query Letter

Learn how to write a query letter that will get an agent to request your manuscript. Includes an exclusive infographic checklist!

Book Manuscripts: A Guide

Your book manuscript format can make a huge impression on potential literary agents. But why it's so important?

Kindle Direct Publishing: An Author's Guide

A look at Amazon's KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform with a focus on how it revolutionized publishing — and why some authors might choose to avoid it.

Dialogue: A Writer's Guide

Dialogue is an essential component of strong writing — learn how to write good dialogue with these 9 easy-to-apply tips!

Nonfiction: A Writer's Guide

Whether you're writing or reading, you can find the nonfiction genre for you among these 24 types of nonfiction.

Ebooks: A Writer's Guide

Get stuck into the (digital) pages of ebooks and discover their most common formats — as well as 4 great reasons to publish them.

Mastering Story Structure

All about story structure: this post covers three plotting blueprints you can use to bring your own novel idea to fruition.

Memoirs: A Writer's Guide

What is a memoir? And why is it not an autobiography? Have all your questions answered on this whistle-stop tour of memoirs past and present.

Short Stories: A Writer's Guide

Reedsy’s comprehensive guide to all things short story-related! In this series how to write, submit, and publish your short story.

Creative Writing 101

What is creative writing? Read this post to find out how it's defined, what forms it takes, and how you can tell if a piece of writing is 'creative' or not.

Conflict: Internal vs External

A look at the two broad categories into which all types of literary conflict belong - internal conflict and external conflict - and how they can drive a story forward.

Intro to Audiobooks

This post will provide a brief introduction to the audiobook format, and explain why authors and readers are catching the audiobook bug.

Dynamic vs Static Characters

It's time to rewrite the dynamic characters vs static characters guidebook, and ask instead how these characters complement one another in truly great fiction.

What is Literary Fiction?

Want to learn more about the novels that make reviewers rave and literature's biggest awards tick? Check out this guide to Literary Fiction