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Upmarket Fiction: The Forgotten Middle Child of the Publishing World

October 19, 2017 - Understanding Publishing - 2 Comments

Upmarket fiction

Calling something “commercial” can sound like an insult in some circles, as if it’s a trifling entertainment not worthy of the term “literature.” In other circles, the term “literary” results in a half-stifled yawn, and is considered pretentious. A question you might ask when you’re writing is, "Can a book be both literary and commercial?” ... read more »

Chapter Length Matters. Here's Why

October 18, 2017 - Perfecting your Craft - 9 Comments

How Long Is A Chapter

Stop us if you’ve experienced this before: the clock strikes 8pm and you realize that you really need to pick up your drycleaning. But you’re right in the middle of your book! Well, you’ll put the book down when you get to the end of this chapter, you reason. 30 minutes afterward, you can’t resist ... read more »

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