How to Perfect Your Submission: Tips From a Publisher

scott pack

Scott Pack is Associate Editor at Unbound, the world’s first crowdfunding publisher. He is also co-founder of Abandoned Bookshop, an ebook imprint that publishes neglected and forgotten classics. On Reedsy he offers editorial services including developmental and structural edits, editorial reviews, critiques of query letters and submission packages as well as author mentoring. As a publisher, I receive a hell of a lot of submissions. That probably doesn’t surprise you. What may surprise you is that around 50% of the authors who send their manuscripts to me make simple errors that drastically reduce their chances of being published. Quite frankly, I was... View Article

Cover Critique #2 with Jake Clark

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Reedsy designer and illustrator Jake Clark hosted the second of our monthly cover book camps. He looks at user-submitted covers and offers honest advice on how to improve the designs – and in some cases, suggests starting all over again. As always, this is a must-see for anyone who's ever written a book.

Finding a Target Audience for Your Book in 3 Steps

How to find your target audience

Don’t you feel like your book could be a massive hit, if only the right people knew about it? If there were only some way of finding your target audience, you’d be able to reach out and get your novel into their hands or e-readers. This post will lay out a method to help you select your target audience. You will find the ‘right people’ for your book, learn to see things from their perspective, and discover the most effective channels for reaching them. If you’re a self-published author, you probably don’t have the resources to market to everyone. The... View Article

Self-Publishing a Family Memoir

Malaika Rose Stanley Success Story Quote

Having previously published many children’s books, Malaika Rose Stanley is no stranger to publishing. Yet with Loose Connections, she attempted something completely different from her usual style of writing. Read on to know what it was like for her to self-publish her book and go on a familiar yet new adventure. Loose Connections is my first independently published book, my first book for adults and my first non-fiction book. But I have a history of writing traditionally published books for children dating back to 1996. I had to look back and check — and I’ve completely shocked myself with the realisation... View Article

How to Make a Book with the Reedsy Book Editor

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The art of making a book is not new. In fact, manuscripts produced during the medieval era conformed to a well-defined set of rules that publishers today are still following. The canons of page construction, for example, describe how a book’s proportions, margins and type areas (print spaces) should be constructed. But if you’re an author planning to self-publish, you might be wondering if these same rules apply to your book – and how you should implement them if they do. Age-old rules aside, even the most tentative look into the nuances of producing a self-published manuscript will likely lead to... View Article

Writing a Book when English is not your First Language — A Success Story with Dom Cutrupi

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Dom Cutrupi is the author of The Abyss of Lumberwitch, the first volume of his Abyss series. A storyteller by day, and a video editor by night, he chose to write a novel in English even though it was a foreign language for him. In an intimate conversation with the Reedsy team, Dom reveals what it was like for him to write and publish his first book. Hi Dom, thanks for chatting with us. To start things off, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself and the book you’ve written? Born and raised in Italy for most of my life,... View Article

Ten Steps for Finding the Right Ghostwriter

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Hiring a ghostwriter is one of those things that is shrouded in mystery for people who aren’t familiar with the process. If you are looking for a ghostwriter for your project but have no idea where to begin, look no further. With simple and actionable tips, acclaimed ghostwriter Toni Robino breaks down how you can find the best ghost for your project.  Choosing the right ghostwriter for your project doesn’t have to be daunting.  It can actually be an enjoyable process. Ghostwriters tend to be interesting characters.  If you meet one you really like, though, that doesn’t mean he or... View Article