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6 Tips for Writing the Perfect Cover Design Brief

April 1, 2020 - Book Design - Leave your thoughts

A big part of what makes self-publishing so attractive to authors is retaining all creative freedom over their own work. That means it is up to you, and you only, to choose your cover designer and brief them properly. Here's how.

As in any other creative business relationship, the briefing process is the most important part of the collaboration. A good brief will save you and your book designer both time and money.

50+ Cookbook Covers Guaranteed To Make Your Mouth Water

April 1, 2020 - Book Design -

cookbook covers

One of the best sections of any bookstore is, without a doubt, the cookbook aisle. Not only do the contents of these books promise incredible recipes, but their covers provide an intriguing taste of what's inside! Cookbook covers are some of most carefully crafted in publishing — which is why, if you're a cookbook author, ... read more »

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