Stuck on your first draft? Call a developmental editor… or a ghostwriter

Do you need a ghostwriter or developmental editing?

So, you’ve got an original idea for a book. Maybe it’s the memoir you’ve meant to write for years, or a stunning business book designed to shake up the status quo in Silicon Valley. Once you have this idea, how do you turn it into an actual manuscript? Writing a book is no simple task, which is why published authors often work with an editor to develop their ideas before they even type ‘Chapter One’ on the top of a blank page. But for you — the independent author who doesn’t have a book deal, let alone a dedicated editor at... View Article

14 Unexpected Day Jobs of Bestselling Authors

Day Jobs of Authors

Bret Easton Ellis sold his manuscript for Less Than Zero at the age of 21. Unlike this wunderkind, most authors don’t land on the New York Times Best Sellers List straight after college: most of them had to find day jobs while they worked on their craft. In this week’s post, we look through the résumés of the world’s most beloved authors and uncover the skills that paid the bills. 1. JD Salinger – Cruise Ship Entertainment Director It’s hard to imagine Salinger calling bingo numbers or organizing a limbo contest, but the late (and reclusive) author of Catcher in the... View Article

Authors: Build Your Street Team in 4 Simple Steps


“No man is an island,” as the old poem goes. In much the same way, you don’t get to become a successful writer without some help along the way. When you’re marketing your book, companies like Reedsy can certainly give you access to experienced freelance marketers – but in time you must also learn to rely on your Street Team.

Anatomy of a Book: Front Matter, Body and Back Matter

Anatomy of a Book: Front Matter and Back Matter

As you put the finishing touches on your book and prepare it for publication, you’ll quickly come across the need for front matter and back matter. These terms may seem confusing at first, but they’re simply the first and last sections of your book; the bits that make it an official book, and not just chapters printed on bound paper. In this post, we’ll summarize what sections should be including in your front, body and back matter, and how you can create them all using the Reedsy Book Editor.

Digital Marketing: Author Websites 101

Digital Marketing Author Websites Header

In this Reedsy Live session, book marketer Michael Doane takes viewers through the basics of creating a successful author website — one that can effective capture visitors and convert email addresses into an all-important mailing list. Adhering to the old writer's maxim of "show, don't tell," Michael critiques pre-submitted examples to demonstrate the good and the bad of author websites.