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Best Booktubers in 2024

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Petrik Leo

Active since 2021 - Hosted by Petrik

I'm Petrik. I'm incredibly enthusiastic about novels, manga, anime, video games, music, movies, TV shows, and artworks.

15,600 Subscribers


Active since 2016 - Hosted by Jourdan

This channel was inspired by a brown girl dreaming to see herself in ART. This channel discusses all things Entertainment; mainly featuring the works of minorities, primarily black women. Works behind and in front of the screen, on the cover of books and the ones who hold the Pen.

10,900 Subscribers

myonna reads

Active since 2019 - Hosted by Myonna

Hi, my name is Myonna and I’m a 21-year-old from Michigan. I make videos every week so stay tuned! i will read mostly anything so here you’ll find all kinds of reader content. i make creative videos as well as book reviews, hauls, and monthly wrap-ups.

22,900 Subscribers


Active since 2019 - Hosted by Simone

hi, i'm simone, a 20 yr old college student who loves reading and writing ✨

4,450 Subscribers

Booked With Jameelah

Active since 2019 - Hosted by Jameelah

Hi! Welcome to my booktube channel! My name is Jameelah and I'm 22 years old and head over heals in love with reading. I'm so excited to talk about books and gush over characters with you.

4,080 Subscribers

Francina Simone

Active since 2014 - Hosted by Francina

Francina Simone is the author of SMASH IT (2020), THE KEEPER'S VOW, and DARKNESS COMES AT DAWN. She was born in Germany, spent her childhood in hot the urban jungle of Orlando Florida, and now resides in the Rockies where she spends more of her time far away with her characters in their quest to make the right decisions in worlds brimming with romance, moral ambiguity, and often times, a touch of magic.

29,300 Subscribers

Bedtime Bookworm

Active since 2014 - Hosted by Jade

Bedtime Bookworm is a booktube channel where I do wrap-ups, discussion videos, tags, and more videos related to books!

4,360 Subscribers


Active since 2014 - Hosted by Starlah

Hi! My name is Starlah and this is my booktube channel. I am a queer, multiracial, girl who makes videos every week filled with bookish awesomeness! I focus mainly on reviewing books and doing fun - and sometimes weird - reading challenges and giving book recommendations. I read a wide range of genres and age types (middle grade, young adult, and adult), and mostly focus on fantasy, science fiction, thriller/horror, hard-hitting contemporary, lots of mangas and graphic novels, some non-fiction and a little itty bit of romance. Thank you so much for watching!

5,900 Subscribers

Stephs Romance Book Talk

Active since 2015 - Hosted by Steph

Stephanie's Romance Book Talk is a Romance Booktuber! I'm all about reading, reviewing, and supporting all types of romance books and authors!! If you don’t know what I mean check out my Goodreads to see my read list and ever-growing TBR. Romance, Romance, and MORE ROMANCE!!!! Videos released on Tuesday and Thursday, occasionally more days!!

4,130 Subscribers

Bookish Realm

Active since 2014 - Hosted by Ashley

Bookish Endeavors! Book Hauls, Reviews, TBR, and so much more!!! I upload videos every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday!

12,800 Subscribers

The Novel Lush

Active since 2016 - Hosted by Lauren

Lauren here! My daily struggle is: adulting or reading....adulting or reading. A book and a glass of wine! Takes care of that dilemma rather nicely, now don't you think?

11,300 Subscribers


Active since 2011 - Hosted by Ochuole

Hello! My name is Ochuole (oh-sha-lay) and this is a safe space! I'm a purposed writer and reviewer. I'm also an impassioned reader-just like you. Here on my channel, you'll find that discussion videos about important world events as well as topics in the bookish community are my jam but I also love talking about the books I've read or plan to read, books I love and books I want to recommend to you. So, get comfortable, grab a cup of tea, settle in, and take a look around. Hope you stay awhile! "I love big books and I cannot lie."

8,230 Subscribers

ONYX Pages

Active since 2014 - Hosted by Njeri

Hi! I'm Njeri! I love reading books that centre African-descended peoples. I believe that reading and writing is political and empowering. I strive to use the power of my imagination with purpose. I would love for you to be a part of the ONYX Pages community! Let's read together!

5,340 Subscribers

Reading With Moe

Active since 2017 - Hosted by Monique

Sharing my journey in all things art, fashion, beauty and book-related things!

4,730 Subscribers

Books with Shae

Active since 2019 - Hosted by Shae

4,530 Subscribers

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