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Submitted by writers on Reedsy Prompts to our weekly writing contest. Love is love, and our collection of lesbian short stories takes pride in its identity. From rom-coms to everyday narratives about life and love, you’ll find all the newest lesbian short stories here.

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The Best Lesbian Short Stories

Lesbian short stories have been around since the beginning of time, but throughout history and across the world, their voices have often been silenced. Our collection aims to unbury your gays and bring these stories to life in all their glory.

From historical fiction to contemporary romance, to genre stories featuring lesbian protagonists, you’ll find all manner of sapphic short stories here. Whether their sexuality takes center stage or is merely a character trait, any lesbian story is welcome!.

Looking for fresh new lesbian short stories?

It can be difficult to find lesbian short stories, we feel you. So our page aims to make it easy. Collected from our weekly short story contest, the lesbian stories on this page represent some of the newest voices in short fiction. You’ll find shortlisted and winning entries at the top of our list, but each of the stories here represent the breadth of diversity that lesbian fiction has to offer. If you find one you really love, don't forgot to "follow" the author so you never miss one of their stories.

So settle in and get ready to read about love, life, and the lesbian experience. There’s no shortage of the variety you’ll find in our collection of lesbian fiction. Who knows, you may even discover one of the next great lesbian writers at their beginning! And if you're a writer who fancies a chance at the prize for yourself, consider entering our current contest — you'll be in the running for a $250 cash prize, plus the chance to be published in Prompted, our new literary magazine!