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The Best East Asian Short Stories

East Asia: even the thought of the territory that spans from Japan to the vast expanse of China summons impressions of immense wisdom, devastating beauty, and great power. With more than 3,000 years of civilization behind it, East Asia is responsible for producing some of the most genius writers in the past, from Li Bai to Murasaki Shikibu. They challenged worldviews, founded entire philosophies, and created elegant works of art that still dazzle generations around the world centuries after their conception. 

But who says that the past is all there is to this thoughtful genre? Today’s crop of East Asian authors are some of the most exciting ones around, upping the game with fiery energy to another level altogether. We’re also way beyond the days when the only accessible East Asian story in the bookstore was Amy Tan’s Joy Luck Club. Min Jin Lee, Haruki Murakami, R.F. Kuang: all of these brilliant authors, and many more, are pushing the envelope and re-inventing the canon before our very eyes. 

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