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The Best New Funny Short Stories

One thing that all humans have in common is the desire to laugh. In fact, laughter is probably one of the things that we crave the most. It’s why we spend so much time scrolling through Facebook memes, Twitter wars, and TikTok videos. It’s why those Vine compilations that we spend hours watching on Youtube claim to clear up acne and solve world conflicts — all because laughter is a medicine. 

However, we don’t all have the same sense of humor: what makes us chuckle isn’t universal. Comedy is injected into writing (whether it’s a novel, a screenplay, or a stand-up script) in a whole variety of ways, including satire, parody, and irony. And that’s where funny short stories come in! Unlike a two hour stand-up show you’re obligated to sit through, or a 300-page novel that keeps making you cringe, you can dip into as many funny short stories as you like — from cheesy rom-coms we can’t help but smile at, to dark comedy, where laughter disguises a deep feeling of anxiety — until you find something that makes you split your sides laughing. 

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Every week, hundreds of short stories are submitted by Prompts users to Reedsy’s writing contest. On this page we’ve collected all the stories that made us crack a smile, so whether you’re looking for funny short stories for kids, or the kind that only grown-ups would understand, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. A little tip from us to you: all the best stories — the ones that actually had us rolling on the floor laughing — are easily found right at the top of the page. And if you'd like to read the best of the best entries from across 40+ genres, be sure to check out Prompted, our new literary magazine — there's a free copy waiting for you!

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