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The Best New Thriller Short Stories

Thrillers are just what they sound like — they give you that burst of adrenaline by putting their protagonists in life-threatening danger from the get-go. That perilous atmosphere comes in various forms: you can choose to follow characters haunted by paranormal beings or encounter strange and mysterious humans. You can immerse yourself in ominous castles and abandoned houses, or find yourself stuck in neighborhoods that are both familiar and chillingly unsettling. 

Whether you’re a fan of heart-stopping twists or unreliable narratives that leave you questioning your own sanity, whether you’re into vivid action or psychological explorations, thriller short stories have something for you. Nothing beats settling in a corner of comfort, be it your warm bed or on a sunny beach, and letting your mind run wild with a high-stakes thriller. 

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Check out our collection of blood-curdling short stories, written by rising authors who deftly build atmosphere and recount haunting incidents in just 3,000 words or less. We can’t promise that you’ll find the next Stephen King or Gillian Flynn here, but some of these short thrillers are sure to send serious shivers down your spine! The pieces on the top of the list are stand-outs from the hundreds of submissions we get to our weekly contests. Give yourself a thrill or two with these stories — or, if you’re interested in testing out your own storytelling skills, join a contest. Who knows, you might walk away with next week’s cash prize — and a shot at publication in Prompted, our new literary magazine!

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