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The Best Short Stories by People of Color

The works of people of color in English-language literature is not something new, but their presence has been limited for a long time. Save for outstanding award-winning authors and their novels, such as Gabriel Garciá Márquez and his magical realist masterpieces or Toni Morrison and her hauntingly raw works of fiction, books by and about people of color have historically occupied a small corner of the market. 

But that’s no reason to despair, because recent years have seen an increase in these beautiful, eye-opening tales. Poems, novels, and short stories by people of color have the ability to shed light on a variety of cultures and struggles that we’ve long overlooked in an empathetic, exciting, and heartfelt way. From adventure-packed sci-fi to captivating psychological thrillers, from solemn historical fiction to introspective contemporary tales, this genre of literature takes readers through a spectrum of perspectives full of compassion and creativity. 

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