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The Best Gay Short Stories

For too long, gay short stories have been kept in the closet. Identities have been suppressed, and lives spent in hiding have lead to a lot of gay fiction being relegated to subtext or metaphors. But no more! Not here! On our page, we’ve gathered all the newest gay short stories in one place.

The experiences of gay people are many and varied, and the short stories you’ll find here reflect that wonderful diversity. From tales of gay people overcoming the oppression they face, to stories of hope and love where they’re accepted with open arms, there’s a gay short story here for everyone.

Looking for fresh new voices in gay short stories?

Powered by our weekly writing contest, our stories come from all walks of life and from writers all across the world. We’ve gathered the best gay short stories at the top —shortlisted and winning stories can be found there. But every voice deserves a chance to shine. That’s why all the gay short stories submitted through our contest can now be found in one place. (Psst... If you'd like to read the best of the best entries from across 40+ genres, be sure to check out Prompted, our new literary magazine — there's a free copy waiting for you!)

So settle in and start reading! And if there's a story you really like, consider giving the author a "follow" to keep up with all their newest work. Who knows, you may even find the next great gay writer before they burst onto the scene.

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