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180+ Short Asian American Stories to read

Submitted by writers on Reedsy Prompts to our weekly writing contest. What happens when two different sides of the earth are brought together in a community, a family, or even a single person? Our collection of Asian American short stories can give you some ideas.

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The Best Asian American Short Stories

“Asian American” is a loaded term — it often brings up images of traditions clashing with youthful ideals over a meal of dumplings or other such hallmark Asian dishes. But this community is so much more than that. People from all over Asia, from the Philippines to Iran, from Japan to India, have been crossing oceans to come to America for decades. Asian American short stories are as diverse as the number of countries their ancestors are from. 

There are solemn tales about refugees fleeing war zones, people whose hearts break for their homeland but also beat hopefully for a new life. There are thoughtful stories about finding one’s place in between different cultures. There are heartwarming and humorous adventures of second and third-generation Asian Americans who are discovering their roots. From historical fiction to YA, there’s something for all of us when it comes to Asian American literature. 

Looking for fresh new Asian American short stories?

If you’ve enjoyed bestsellers such as The Kite Runner or Crazy Rich Asians and can’t wait to dive into more stories about these varying diasporas, take a look at our Asian American short story collection. You’ll find the best Asian American short stories — set apart here from pieces of other genres submitted to our weekly contests — listed on top of this page. 

Coming from writers across many cultures, whose creativity and experiences are combined with ever-impressive eloquence, these stories are as heartfelt as they are interesting. It goes to show the development of Asian American literature over the past few years — of which you too can be a part, if you’re a writer, by joining our weekly contest!