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📖 Barchester Towers, Anthony Trollope 🌻 I am a reader, writer, contra dancer, lemonade-drinker, memorizer, book-collector (and devourer), Anglican, and optimist. I love to read fantasy, political bio, and sci-fi... and I am working on my small-talk. Interested in longer versions of my work? I published a novella, Broken Sky, Dec. 2020. In it, a boy and a dog are abandoned in the arid Texan wilderness. Please leave a review if you have the time ❤️ www.amazon.com/dp/B08R6M8J6B/ I had up to 221 stories on my profile by March 2021. I left the ones I truly love. Shortlisted ⭐: Contest 3: "Moon Watch" Contest 10: "Wolf Aaron and the Wild Sceptre" Contest 18: "A Million Ancient Bees" Contest 23: "Zenobia Harsch Has No Idea She's Dead" Contest 29: "The Burning Avocado Tree" Contest 35: "Lion Bark Garden" Contest 57: "That Dogwood Town" Contest 91: "La Tempestad"

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