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The Best Indigenous Short Stories

Long underrepresented in the literary world, Indigenous fiction is experiencing a much-deserved — and long overdue — surge in popularity these days. Dive into this genre to discover its depth and grace, from powerful new Indigenous voices like Jake Skeets and Tommy Orange to established, revered authors like Jesmyn Ward. There’s a lot to immerse yourself in through these narratives, from the eye-opening perspectives and struggles of Indigenous people in history, to fiction that brilliantly infuse genres like science fiction and fantasy with the vibrant culture of Indigenous tribes. 

Looking for some of the best Indigenous stories?

Look no further, as you might be able to find exactly what you’re seeking in this collection of Indigenous stories written by a diverse group of authors. Compiled from submissions to Reedsy’s weekly short story competition, they represent a range of forgotten experiences and perspectives waiting to be explored. You can start at the top of the page, which holds the best of the best — stories that were shortlisted by our panel of judges. 

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