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The Best New Adventure Short Stories

Adventure stories are a staple in literature — pretty much everyone grows up having followed a courageous character on an exciting and unexpected journey somewhere far away. Whether it’s a fight for survival or a search for a treasure, whether it features mythical creatures or real-life monsters, adventure stories provide a spark for your imagination, transporting you to exhilarating landscapes from the comforts of your home. 

Adventure short stories aren’t exactly the same as novels — they don’t get the space to tell a complete journey, from start to finish. What they do give you is a healthy dose of adrenaline by plunging you and the characters into a wild, awe-inspiring, and yet dangerous place, even for the briefest moment. A lot of world-building goes into an adventure short story, yet not so much that it seems overwhelming — in other words, just enough to leave you wanting more. 

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We’ve collected a list of adventure shorts right here for you to peruse. Hop from one expedition to another with a diverse cast of characters created by our promising writers in their submissions to our weekly contests. At the top of the list are adventure short stories that stand out against hundreds of pieces in other genres submitted on the same weeks. They’re the ones that show impressive creativity and storytelling — and definitely not ones to miss. 

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