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Please leave feedback in the comments. My name is Kira. I graduated from GRCC with a Associates degree in Arts and I'm going to GVSU for a Bachelor's degree, majoring in creative writing. Since 2019, I've spent my summers competing in reedsy prompts. I like to write mysteries and crime when I'm not stuck on Pinterest. I contribute on Wattpad (@Startrekds9), Pinterest (Kira Krieger: Writer), and Facebook (Kira Krieger: Author) Main Characters & Genre: Ambrose and Odin (6)- Sci-fi & usually adventure Ross Brother's (Steven & Rylee) (5) - Police Procedural & drama Dorothy (4) - Arthurian Legend & coming-of-age Tyler and Eli (1) - Supernatural and Adventure Phillips Family (Grady, Brody, Arthur, & Thompson) - Drama and Crime Zoe & Katniss - Sci-fi and Coming-of-age Lafayette & the Resistance - Adventure, Family, and Coping Victor & Odette - Adventure, Family, and Coping