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I'm a young guy in high school new to writing and looking to improve, so any feedback is much appreciated! Also an avid reader; here are my favourite books (no particular order), brace yourselves ladies and gents 😂: - Slaughterhouse Five, by Kurt Vonnegut - Skulduggery Pleasant series, by Derek Landy - Geronimo Stilton series, by Elisabetta Dami (childhood favourite) - The Night Watch series, by Sergei Lukyanenko - Kafka on the Shore, by Haruki Murakami - The short stories of Stephen King, Etgar Keret and Chuck Palahniuk - All the amazing stories I've read here (I know, sounds like I'm sucking up, maybe I am, but I'm being honest) Once again, feedback and tips would be great, a like will make my day and a book recommendation goes a long way. I want to get closer to the leaderboard, so if anybody wants to go on an upvoting spree for each other let me know!