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Submitted by writers on Reedsy Prompts to our weekly writing contest. Though fantasy is well known for its epically long sagas, fantasy short stories can deliver all the genre’s best attractions with one punch — or, shall we say, in one fiery dragon breath?

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The Best New Fantasy Short Stories

We typically associate fantasy with world-building, expansive imaginary realms stretching the bounds of our imagination, and hefty paperbacks of a thousand pages. In one sense, fantasy seems to be defined by the fact that it usually reaches us in large doses: trilogies, series, universes that keep on giving. But fantasy short stories can be just as effective in honouring the scope and ambition of the genre — here, every word matters. 

Fantasy short stories pack in a lot in just a few minutes’ worth of reading time, so pay close attention, and you’ll soon find yourself transported to another world. There, you’ll be hit by the vividness of this new reality in a flash. It’ll be a truly magical experience (with some actual magic involved in the story as well).

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