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180+ Latinx Short Stories to read

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The Best Latinx Short Stories

Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, Gabriel García Márquez, Laura Esquivel: these Latinx authors have become literary icons not just for the representation they provide, but also (indeed, more so!) for their vibrant stories and fantastic prose. Such Latinx authors essentially founded the magical realism genre, which has blossomed over the past 70 years — culminating in excellent MR works by new authors, such as Summer of the Mariposas by Guadalupe Garcia McCall and All of Us With Wings by Michelle Ruiz Keil.

Far outside magical realism, Latinx authors remain prolific and brilliant. Authors like Elizabeth Acevedo and Erika L. Sánchez have made incredible strides in the contemporary YA realm, and the likes of Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Isabel Ibañez have brought renewed thrills and chills to paranormal fantasy. Some of them write directly about the Latinx experience, while others filter it through more subtly through their writing. But no matter the specifics, we can all agree that these stories are some of the most cutting-edge and imaginative out there.

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If you discover an author whose work you really enjoy, you can even follow them to see when they post a new story! Whether your tastes lean toward magical realism or heartrending YA, there’s something for just about everyone on this page. (That said, if you can’t find the sort of story you want to read, why not write it and submit to the contest? You might just walk away with the $250 cash prize You may just walk away with a $250 cash prize — plus the chance to be published in Prompted, our new literary magazine!)