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I won't be posting as regularly on here for a bit because school is so busy and I'm trying to focus on finishing the first draft of my current WIP. That said, I'll still be on Reedsy to read and leave comments. So far, I've written a total of six novels and I'm working on my seventh, as well as writing stories for Reedsy on the side. I write mostly LGBT+ characters. Being bisexual myself, the representation is extremely important. I'm also Chinese-Australian, and hoping to include more of my heritage into my stories. A lot of my stories on here have recurring characters, and most of my fantasy stories take place in my own world. I try to make the stories comprehensible enough to be read on its own, but if you're curious, here's the order of things: Back a while ago, I did a six part series here called the Four Moon Cycles - you might have to scroll down a bit if you want to read it. Then, I wrote three stories that take place before the events in the six-part series, which are: The Malicious Spirit of Hallows Eve Red Fire, Black Fire A Bottle of Red Rum Then I wrote a story that takes place at the same time as the events in the Four Moon Cycles which is: The Peonies On Her Dress Cross My Stone-Cold Heart takes place before 'Peonies'. Those Flowers Like Snow is a direct continuation of Cross My Stone-Cold Heart. Under the Azure Sky features Rhyvahr once again! But of course, I still post other stories outside of that. My profile pic is my main character, Rhyvahr, from the Four Moon Cycles, my wonderful, talented best friend drew it for me. Her name is Nicole. If you wanna see more of her art, follow her on Instagram! It's @chanson.jpg Also, she has a print shop now, check it out at https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/chanson.jpg/ Hope you enjoy my stories! Happy reading!