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I'm sorry, I've been so inactive on here lately, school is so busy, and I'm working on three writing-related projects at once. I'll try to post on here when I have a bit more spare time. Lover of anything fantasy! Bisexual and Chinese-Australian. Writes a lot of LGBT+ and Asian characters. An avid watcher of Chinese costume dramas, and reader of Chinese wuxia/xianxia/fantasy novels. Any recommendations are welcome! I've written a total of six novels and I've technically finished my seventh... (had a bit of a crisis with that one, it might need a total redraft and a bit of a shift in genre). None of these novels are published if you're wondering (they're all first drafts, because I'm so bad at editing). Won contest 91 and also shortlisted for contest 94, neither of which I was expecting, because I'm here for the fun of writing! And reading! If you want feedback on what you've written, just leave me a request and I'll try to get to it. I like to be positive and not too harsh in my feedback, because I honestly don't really know how criticisms work since I wouldn't exactly call myself an expert in the field. I'm a bit busy right now, so please forgive me if I don't get to it right away, I'll get to it eventually (hopefully), if not, then please remind me. I'm currently working on the novel version of my winning story 'Autumn Rain' (it's being written in Chinese - which is a first for me - so we'll see how that works out). My profile pic is my main character (new and improved), from the series I'm working on (the one I had a crisis with), Four Moon Cycles. My wonderful, talented best friend, Nicole, drew it for me. If you wanna see more of her art, follow her on Instagram! It's @chanson.jpg Also, she has a print shop now, check it out at https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/chanson.jpg/ Hope you enjoy my stories! Happy reading!

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