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How to Find Your Target Readers

In this free 10-day course for beginners, book coach Belinda Griffin shows authors how to identify and reach their target readers.

Taught by Belinda Griffin

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How to Get Your Book Covered by Mainstream Media

Learn how to formulate a PR story for your book and pitch it effectively to mainstream media. A free 10-day course.

Taught by Matt Rudnitsky

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How to Build an Amazing Author Blog

Authors know that blogs are one of the top book marketing tools in this day and age. But what you may not know is how to create and maintain one successfully!

Taught by Jessica Festa

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Growing Your Influence as a Non-Fiction Author

Find out how to build your platform and grow your influence base as a non-fiction author.

Taught by Stacy Ennis

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How to Use Testing as a Self-Published Author

Digital marketing guru Kim Kohatsu teaches self-publishing authors all about using testing to improve their sales.

Taught by Kim Kohatsu

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How to Market Your Children's Book

Over these 10 lessons, you'll learn exactly how to tailor your marketing efforts toward young readers, as well as the "bigs" who buy their books.

Taught by Eevi Jones

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How to Set up and Grow Your Author Mailing List

An author's mailing list should be the central pillar of their marketing efforts. In this free course, learn how to build a strong, engaged mailing list.

Taught by Ricardo Fayet

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Amazon Ads for Authors

So, you want to advertise your book? Great, you're already one step ahead of everyone else! Now, where should you start getting the word out about your novel? Amazon ads are the newest big thing in book marketing — not only because the market isn't as over-saturated as the others yet, but because...

Taught by Ricardo Fayet

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Book Reviews and How to Get Them

Book reviews can make or break a self-published author's success. Learn the best ways to secure your book reviews through this free Reedsy Learning course.

Taught by Amy Holman Edelman

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Book marketing courses to take your writing career to the next level

While marketing a skill you’d normally associate with writers, it’s a discipline that most authors need to understand as they develop their careers. Reedsy’s free 10-day courses can help you grow your book marketing skills: from building your mailing list to using ad platforms and mastering Amazon’s algorithm, you’ll find a marketing course to meet your every need.

Learn from top book marketing professionals

Reedsy’s book marketing courses can help you reach your sales goals. With tried-and-tested methods provided by leading book marketers (including Reedsy co-founder Ricardo Fayet, author of the bestselling How to Market a Book) you can learn how to:

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How much does it cost?

Reedsy’s marketing courses — like all courses on Reedsy Learning — are 100% free. We believe that access to information and educational resources shouldn’t be limited to those with the resources to spend on graduate degrees. Each of our lessons comes packed with free additional resources to help you dig further into your chosen topic without having to dig into your pocket.

Reviews of Reedsy’s book marketing courses

“Informative and packed full of helpful suggestions. I'm working to follow all instructions and look forward to seeing results!” — Becca L.

“I learned a lot from this course. It was very thorough and well laid out so that even I could understand it. I just also wanted to say thank you: I really appreciated this course.” — Alana G.

“The course was short and to the point, easy to remember, and gave me the option to go back and review things when I couldn't remember. It was valuable and pertinent to the subject at hand. The best part? It was free!” Francis H.

“The course gave me the tools I needed to improve my sales and reader relationships. Now that I have the tools, all I need is to put them to work!” — Robin F.

“This course was amazingly informative! I couldn't imagine trying to figure out the intricacies of advertising on Amazon without it. Thank you!” — Tiago B.

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