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The Mechanics of Writing Dialogue

Editor Tracy Gold teaches you how to punctuate, tag and present dialogue in a way that your readers will thank you for.

Taught by Tracy Gold

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Story Editing for Authors

In this free 10-day course, best-selling author and CEO of Fictionary will take you through 17 story elements to help you perform your own story edit.

Taught by Kristina Stanley

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Novel Revision: Practical Tips for Rewrites

The key to a great novel often lies in rewriting. This free course will teach you how to do practical rewrites that can seriously boost your book's quality.

Taught by Revise & Resub

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How to Self-Edit Your Manuscript Like a Pro

Don't let a manuscript full of common mistakes turn off an agent or publisher! In this course, Lisa Lepki will show you how to self-edit like a pro.

Taught by Lisa Lepki

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Novel Revision: Understanding the Craft

In this free online course, author Alexander Steele of Gotham Writers Workshop provides a big-picture view of the novel revision process.

Taught by Gotham Writers Workshop

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Reviews of Reedsy’s online editing courses

“The most useful course I’ve ever taken — and not just on Reedsy. Clear, concrete, punctual, and practical information, plus helpful examples that every writer needs.” — Andrea M.

“This course is an eye-opener for me. I have always struggled with dialogue tags and punctuation, but this course really simplified it. I would recommend it to every writer.” — Pearl L.

“It showed me the editing process in a new light, having structure and specific things to look for. I finally know how to decide what to cut and what to improve. Thank you!” — Michelle S.

“Another great free offering from Reedsy! The content is valuable for beginners or more advanced writers and presented clearly in an engaging style. This course lays a solid foundation for newbies but also reminds more advanced writers to identify where they can improve.” — Ali L.

“This was one of the greatest and most useful courses I’ve had! It was created in a very accessible and fun way, and I learned so many useful things! Thank you so much for this great course and this experience!” — Yoanna S

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