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Inside a Traditional ‘Big 5’ Publisher

Editor Dominic Wakeford (Hachette, HarperCollins, and Penguin Random House) reveals the inner workings of Big 5 publishers in this fun, free course.

Taught by Dominic Wakeford

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What Do Literary Agents Do (and Do You Need One)?

A literary agent can be your champion in an uncertain publishing landscape. Find out what they do in this 10-day course.

Taught by Alysoun Owen and Lucy Juckes

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How to Write a Query Letter That Agents Can't Resist

Learn to write a query letter that will get your manuscript requested by agents.

Taught by Rachel Stout

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How to Self-Publish a Photography Book

In this course, Blurb's Daniel Milnor will show you how to create your best photography book: from choosing the right book size to actually printing it.

Taught by Blurb

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How to Publish Your Picture Book

If you just finished writing your picture book, how are you going to publish it? Find out from illustrator Kim Fleming in this free 10-day course.

Taught by Kim Fleming

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Crowdfunding Your Next Book

Learn how to run a crowdfunding campaign to cover your publishing costs and secure your first batch of devoted readers.

Taught by Lisa Ferland

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Behind the Microphone: How to Create a Great Audiobook

In this free online course, veteran audio publisher David Markowitz shows you how to produce, distribute, and sell a professional audiobook.

Taught by David Markowitz

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How to Submit a Non-Fiction Book Proposal

Do you have a killer book idea that publishers will love? Learn how to write and submit an effective non-fiction book proposal that will make editors pay attention.

Taught by Katy Hamilton

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How to Self-Publish a Book

Be the next Andy Weir or E.L. James by launching your writing career with a self-published book. In this 10-part course, learn what it takes to be a successful indie author.

Taught by Martin Cavannagh

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Online publishing courses taught by industry professionals

Whether you’re looking to understand the industry better, secure a publishing deal, or successfully self-publish your own book, Reedsy Learning offers an online publishing course to suit your needs. Led by industry experts ranging from Big 5 editors and literary agents to thought leaders in the publishing technology industry, you can learn:

Each course lasts just ten days, with new lessons delivered to your inbox each morning. Packed with practical tips, lessons take fewer than five minutes to read — perfect for your morning coffee or during your commute.

How much does it cost?

Every course we offer is absolutely free. At Reedsy, we believe that knowledge shouldn’t be limited to those who can afford to pay for it — if you want to be a great writer, then we want to help you achieve that. 

Reviews of Reedsy’s publishing courses and self-publishing courses

“As a first-time writer, I found this course invaluable. Every day there was new information specific to my needs.” — May Q.

“This was SO helpful! I have learned so much useful info from this course. I am hoping to self-publish my first book sometime next year when I finish it, so this course has given me some great insight into how all of that works.” — Bryan T.

“The course was very informational without being overwhelming. The additional resources allow you to go deeper into a particular area when you are ready. I still have tons to learn, but at least I know what I need to focus on and have a lot of great ideas. Thank you!” — Helen C.

“I liked the delicate balance between hope and hard reality most. [The instructor] did not pamper, but I leave with the feeling that if I put in the work required, I can manage. Thanks for that!” — Noelle U.

“Awesome course by Reedsy. I am glad to know the amount of knowledge reedsy shares with its authors. This course has surely helped me to peer through the vague and opaque world of traditional publishing.” — Gandharva G.

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