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Book Design 101

Book design is that under-appreciated step of the publishing process that can make or break a book. A book's cover is going to determine whether the book gets picked up in a book store, or clicked upon on Amazon. A book's interior design — or typesetting — will not affect purchasing decisions, ho...

Taught by Emmanuel Nataf

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A book is more than just the written word. The experience of reading your work depends heavily on how your books are designed, from an appealing cover to immaculate typography. Reedsy’s free publishing design courses last just ten days, with lessons arriving in your inbox each morning.

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With all the hurdles that writers already face when publishing, we at Reedsy believe that information and education should be accessible to anyone who wants and needs it. For that reason, every online course offered on Reedsy Learning is 100% free.

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“Lots of very good information with links to further in-depth material. Very worthwhile, thank you.” — Barry F.

“Great introductory information, clearly presented, easy to follow.” — Sarah T.

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