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I just felt like I needed to do something new with my Bio :/ Hey there, my name is B.W. though you can call me B or Hope, I'm fine with either. I've always sucked at Bio's, so I'm just going to do a couple facts and stuff. 1. They/Them 2. I don't really like Zodiacs or anything, but I know that I'm a Virgo. So I guess that's nice. 3. My favorite kinds of stories are ones that involve Fantasy and Horror. Along with anything related to Mythology, especially Greek and Egyptian. 4. I write a bunch of stories tbh except for when I have writer's block, so be prepared to be seeing a lot more from me. 5. Some Fandoms/shows/books/etc. that I'm into are Transformers, Five Nights at Freddy's, Hazbin Hotel, and Helluva Boss, along with many other things. 6. I get the ideas for my stories while listening to music, or just completely out of the blue at random times, like when I'm trying to sleep :/ This isn't my best Bio, but at least it's something. One more thing though: My stories do contain LGBTQ and a few other things, so if you don't like that, then don't read it. And don't go saying rude comments either. Byeeee