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i have some news: I'm making a novel :D or at least attempting to, if you have any questions about it or ya wanna learn more about it then ask :) go to the bottom to see more ^^ AHHHH i'm bored! Does anyone want to talk?? i love seeing that little circle so someone please talk to me I think you should check out some of my friends, they have great stories: Aerin B. Kate Ulrich Laiba M. Itay Frenkel Brooke D. My name is B.W and i joined here to have some fun and learn to get better at writing. It's been fun so far and i love reading other people's stories as well ^^ I LOVE Percy Jackson and Just Greek Myths in General and a few other things so if you want to talk about that maybe then i'm 100% on board to do so. Don't you all Agree that its amazing? I'm bored and i love that little circle when i'm on here so be free to talk to me, anyone wanna talk for any reason? 17-18 year old Harlow get's transported into another Dimension one night and has no idea on how to get back, now she must deal with trying to find a way back, remaining hidden so she doesn't get captured and an alternate version of herself that's after her. Though with the help of a new friend there, Willow, will she be able to get back? news/update with the novel: I'm working on chapter 5 :) it'll still be really long but that's your update for now