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B.W. or simply called B by her friends on here had decided to finally try and do a 3rd person Bio, mostly because she was bored. B loves that yellow dot and she always wants to talk with someone on here, she's almost always on Reedsy so if you want to try and talk with her, feel free to do so :) B is very interested in Greek mythology along with Percy Jackson, so if that's something you want to talk about, she'd be glad to do so as well. She isn't that interested in Zodiac signs but she still looks some stuff up for them from time to time when shes bored. She discovered that she is a Virgo and if you know her well on here, it definitely fits her. She is more of the shy friend and an introvert, though she might seem somewhat different on here. B is also working on 4 novels at the moment and even considering to try and make a 5th one. Though one is just for fun and the others she WILL publish them. Cereal killer/Aerin B: one of my best friends on here, she's extremely fun to talk to and she's also making some novels :) she was one of the very first people I met. Vayd Danish: He is extremely funny and another one of my best friends on here, he also loves to help with a lot of things. He also tells some great jokes/puns, I made a story for him and another friend because I wanted to do something for them :) Kylie: She's extremely sweet and is thinking of making a novel, you should all go check her out ^^ Gruesome ghost/Brooke D: She's another great friend and has been helping me with a lot of things with my novels, speaking of novels she's also trying to make a novel :) A bag of spiced fingers/Orenda: I know these all seem the same, but she's still another great friend of mine on here ^^ I love talking to her and I'd do anything to help her and the others. Amaya: we haven't known each other for that long, but we've already become great friends and she's also helping with a lot of things at the moment. Laiba M: I don't remember what her name exactly means, but I think it has something to do with an angel, and that's exactly what she is :) you should go check her out as well. She likes a lot of other friends on here, such as Itay, Raquel, Blair lemon, and some other good friends, but she doesn't want to go and do this for every single one of her friends. Though she does want everyone to know that she loves em and cares for em, even if they aren't on this thing :) 17 year old Harlow gets transported into another dimension one night and has no idea on how to get back. Now she must deal with trying to find her way home, remaining hidden so she doesn't get captured and an evil alternate version of herself who wishes to kill her. Though with the help of a new friend there, Willow, will she be able to get back? Two best friends, Mika and Ryder, live in a world where Demi-gods are enslaved by the mortals and even some of the Gods. Though one day, Mika decides to save Arren, the son of apollo and Harmony, the daughter of Iris. Now the four of them are on the run, will they be able to keep them safe and free all the Demi-gods? Azalea is a guardian who must protect her three friends from any danger. "Fox" at least that's his nickname, Ripley, and Hopper. Though she cannot tell them her secret, as scientists might capture her or other things she doesn't want to think of will happen. Will she be able to keep it a secret from them?