i wasn't going to do this but then i finally got an idea. this is another prequel to "we know, do you know?" like her past. i'll make an actual sequel/part 2 that continues off of the first part soon when i find a good prompt to do for it because none of them i can use for it. I hope you like this part though. Whatever you see in this is again not all of it because there's something big about a few of the characters, which will be said in the sequel.

It had been a year. a year since SHE had been killed. Aura had to go visit them all. How sad they must be, to lose one of their best friends. Aura wanted to visit as well, after all, hope was her cousin.

"hey hope? why do you like cemetery's so much?" arrow asked as he, hope and Aria were sitting in his house watching a movie. Aria was faintly sweating as she listened in, how was this possible?? she thought it would be over once she did it.

Hope didn't respond as she just stared at the movie, she didn't want to tell him. she would never tell him. not ever. she glanced at Aria who then quickly turned away. "Aria? something wrong?"

"i..think i'm gonna go...see zizi! bye!" Aria quickly got off the couch and ran for the door. that was a lie, zizi was still out of town for a week, she just couldn't stay here. why did she even stay after hope got back?? this is a terrible idea.

Hope yawned a little and decided to head upstairs, as she was staying with arrow for a few nights. Aura soon got to the town and looked at a picture. it was of a young hope and aura, taken a few years ago before it happened.

she reached arrow's place since she was sort of friends with him and always knew where his house had been. "hey arrow?" she started knocking on the front door.

Arrow paused the movie and then opened the door. "woah! Aura its been so long, what are you doing here?" he barely ever saw her, really only on Christmas when they would visit hope's family.

Aura smiled a little bit and waved as she let's herself in and sits on the couch. "hey how have you been? i know its been rough..." she started off.

"Been rough? with what?" Arrow stared at her confused, did she mean about school? if she meant that, how did she even know? why was she even here?

Aura looked confused at him he didn't even seem upset with what happened. did he move on from her quickly? maybe he was just hiding it all, hope wouldn't want anyone to cry over it.

"uh hey i know you don't know much about me and my friend's so do you maybe wanna come with me and hope tomorrow to meet some friend's?"

wait...hope?? what did he mean? Aura started to worry, was he seeing hope and believing she was still alive? poor soul....she had to go. maybe she could help him.

she forced a small smile as she put her hand on his shoulder and looked at him almost how a mother would look at their child. "sure...i'll go with you and..hope..." she said this also like a mother would when pretending with the kid.

she didn't know how she would help but she had to try. she's seen some stuff like this in a few movies and it was always terrible. Here though, it didn't seem so bad. Maybe she could help him before it got to bad.

-next day-

When Aura woke up on the couch she saw arrow fully dressed and waiting by the front door. what was he doing? it was only 5:30 am what was he doing up?


"oh hey your up! come on get ready, hope's getting ready as well upstairs." he said with a smile as he tapped his foot. Aria was already up so he was going to take Aura to meet her.

she sighed a bit sadly as she went to go get ready, he was still going on about it. She still decided that she needed to help him maybe a bit faster now.

she went into the bathroom and put her new clothes on then walked over to Arrow. "alright lets go..."

"we have to wait for hope"


"we need to wait for hope, she's going to be down here soon."

she sighed as she stood next to him, waiting for her to come down. How long had he been like this? what are you supposed to do when something like this happens?

she was going to say something when the two of them started hearing footsteps coming down the stairs. did Arrow invite someone else here? maybe it was one of his friends.

She gasped when she saw who it was when they came over to the two. hope. she still had her long brown hair, her blue eye and green eye and her purple and white hoodie that she Always wore. how was she here.

Aura had been there that day, she wanted to visit with hope when she saw something strange. Hope and another girl which she could only assume was a friend of her's heading into a very old house in the middle of a forest. what were they doing out there? it was almost completely dark. she wanted to follow them and so she did.

she stayed out of the house though so she wouldn't be spotted and there were a lot of small and big holes in the walls so it would be easy for her to see what was going on. she could only think that the two of them were there because hope loved scary things.

"so what are we gonna do? is there maybe a surprise here or something?" she could tell hope was really eager to look around. aura didn't understand why hope liked old houses, did they maybe look haunted to her?

"oh you'll see..." the friend said, Aura noticed that she had backed up a bit and was taking something out of her pocket. what was that? she couldn't tell from far away.


Aura watched in horror as the friend held the large knife and stabbed hope in the back with it a few times. hope screamed in pain as she collapsed, blood starting to come out from the wounds. aura didn't know what to do she was frozen in fear. even if she wasn't what could she do??

"a-aria....?" Hope said as she slightly started to cough some blood out. Aura was almost crying as she could still only watch as this continued. Hope soon fell motionless. Aria laughed as she put the knife away.

"now....what to do?" aria asked herself and looked around trying to make sure no one saw this. Aura gasped a bit and ducked over something.

they were almost to Aria's place Hope and Aura hadn't said anything to each other the whole way. "is something wrong?" arrow was confused.

"no!" they had said this perfect unison.

They reached Aria's home and arrow knocked on the door. "y...you..." Aura said with a gasp, this was the girl that killed her cousin. Hope seemed faintly angry and worried that her cousin might say everything.

she wanted to do something to Aria, but she didn't know what. she just had to keep acting alive until it was the perfect time. she didn't want this happening to anyone else.

"you two already know each other?" Arrow asked confused on why Aura was acting like that.



"i want to spend some...time with her, you and arrow can leave and i'll meet up with you..." she just wanted a little talk.

Hope hated that idea but agreed and decided to take arrow to her place and watch a movie. of course it was a horror movie and it was nightmare on elm street.

"what are you doing here..." Aria asked as she speed walked over to a counter type thing and started looking for something.

"you....you killed her!" Aura blurted out angrily. she wished she could have saved her cousin that day. but she had been to scared it was her fault....

Aria's eyes widened a bit as she continued to take something out of a drawer. Aura had been the one she had saw that day. why didn't she take her?

"wait...look out!" aria then said and pointed behind her. distraction time.

Aura was confused and fell for it, she quickly turned around and started looking for something. there was a chance it could be something real so she had taken it.

Aria smirked and walked up behind her, holding the same knife from before. its time again.


August 22, 2020 18:29

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18:41 Aug 22, 2020

Aweeeesome job! I love that ending and how lots if your stories are all connected with thee characters ;)! One thing I’ve noticed it that sometimes your capitalization is a little off, so you might want to do a couple more editing rounds ;) Thats my only suggestion; keep writing!


B. W.
18:44 Aug 22, 2020

Yeah i know i still have to work with that and a few other things. But i'm glad that you still really liked it. this story will probably go on a bit longer but there'll still be some other stories that aren't connected with this. Kind of like how you have your jax series but its not all you do since you do other stories that aren't with him. did you maybe have a favorite part to the story?


18:45 Aug 22, 2020

Definitely the end: ‘Aria smirked and walked up behind her, holding the same knife from before. its time again. 1....2....3!‘


B. W.
18:52 Aug 22, 2020

okay so you know at least a BIT of why aria has been doing this but theres much more to it that would be in the next or final part of it. and just for fun if you can i want you to take a guess on why that is.


18:53 Aug 22, 2020



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Avery G.
20:44 Aug 22, 2020

Wow, cool story! I really liked this story! My favorite part was the ending, of course. Great job!


B. W.
22:58 Aug 22, 2020

thank's im glad you liked it, i made another one a bit ago called "Legend of Evie part 1" i'd love to see what you have to say about this one


Avery G.
02:20 Aug 23, 2020



B. W.
02:22 Aug 23, 2020

thanks ^^ can't wait to see what ya have to say


Avery G.
02:24 Aug 23, 2020



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