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Remote Proofreading Jobs and 26 Places to Find Them

Oct 02, 2020

With working from home becoming more common than ever before, remote proofreading jobs are gaining a lot of traction. Amongst the online jobs you can do, checking from grammatical and spelling mistakes sounds like one of the easiest ones to pick up. But what exactly does this kind of work entail,... Read more →

Writing Portfolio 101: How to Impress Clients in 5 Steps

Sep 23, 2020

What is a portfolio, what is it used for, and how do you create one that clients cant overlook? Find out everything you need to know here. Read more →

How Much Do Ghostwriters Make: The Ultimate Breakdown

Sep 02, 2020

How much do ghostwriters make? What's the average rate? Find out all about the ways and fees ghostwriters can charge here. Read more →

Freelance Proposal Templates for Signing More Clients

Aug 18, 2020

Beyond setting your own freelance rates, working independently also means that you’ll have to send proposals to potential clients all the time. In this case, it’s easier to have a tried-and-true freelance proposal template for professional offers than to whip one up every time you receive a reque... Read more →

How to Become a Freelance Illustrator: 6 Tips to Get You Started

Jul 24, 2020

Going freelance is the talk of the town in 2021, but it’s much easier said than done. For a lot of artists, working as a freelance illustrator offers the creative freedom they so desire. At the same time, it comes with a range of responsibilities that can make aspiring independent artists hesitate... Read more →

Editorial Freelancers Association: Is It Worth It to Join?

Jun 12, 2020

Are you thinking of joining the Editorial Freelancers Association? Before you decide to pay for the membership, let’s take a look at its pros and cons. Read more →

Freelance Illustration Jobs: 12 Ways to Pay the Bills with Your Paintbrush

May 27, 2020

Creatives who seek independence often turn to freelance illustration jobs — but they’ll tell you that the search for rewarding and stimulating gigs isn’t a breeze. It’s especially challenging for young artists who are still on their way to becoming a freelance illustrator and who are still trying... Read more →

How to Become a Proofreader in 6 Simple Steps

May 08, 2020

Do your friends come to you to edit their essays and e-mails? Do you get annoyed when you come across even the slightest typo? Are you the type of person to read a paper five times over before finally handing it in to make sure grammar and punctuation are perfect? If so, then you might turn out ... Read more →

The Lean Publisher: Evolving in the Freelance Economy

May 01, 2020

Note: This white paper was first published in May 2017 The freelance workforce is developing rapidly, as is the publishing industry’s reliance on outsourced professionals. To derive benefit from this evolving publisher–freelancer relationship, structural changes need to be made in-house to accom... Read more →

Finding Editorial Assistant Jobs in New York City

Apr 06, 2020

Landing an editorial assistant job in NYC is the logical first step on a career path that leads you to become an editor. If your final goal is to become an executive editor at Penguin Random House who plucks new authors from obscurity and turns their books into New York Times #1 bestsellers, then... Read more →

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