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Book Publishing Jobs: The 12 Best Places Hiring Right Now

Dec 17, 2020

If you're in the market for a book publishing job, look no further. Here's our definitive guide to the 12 essential stops you should be making on your job hunt. Read more →

How to Write a Freelance Invoice (+ Template)

Dec 09, 2020

Your work is complete, your client’s happy, now you can just sit back and relax — right? Not so fast. The perks of being a freelancer are endless, but freelancing also means taking care of all the nitty-gritty details yourself, like filling out a freelance invoice to make sure you get paid. Read more →

6 Expert-Approved Sites to Find Book Design Jobs

Nov 26, 2020

Despite the old adage, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” the truth is, we do let a book’s aesthetics sway our decisions. From the book cover to the book interior, every aspect about a book’s appearance can make a difference to the reading experience itself. Which is why finding the right profess... Read more →

25 Creative Writing Jobs to Put Your Eloquence to Use

Nov 12, 2020

Being passionate about creative writing hasn’t always been associated with a stable career path, to many writers’ disappointment. But worry not — securing those coveted creative writing jobs won’t just be a dream anymore, because we’ve compiled a list of 25 opportunities that can let you pay the ... Read more →

9 Places to Find Rewarding Christian Publishing Jobs

Oct 30, 2020

The Christian book market may not be the biggest niche, but it is a steadily growing one. So long as Faith remains an active force in society, there will always be a need for discussion and reflection on our beliefs through literature. If you’re a book editor, designer, or marketing strategist, ... Read more →

How to Start Freelance Writing: 5 Steps to a Soaring Career

Oct 26, 2020

With the growing freelance market and increasing appreciation for high quality content, many word-lovers may see an opportunity to make an income by becoming a freelance writer. But as with any new career path, learning how to start freelance writing is not easy. Beyond the actual writing, you al... Read more →

11 Common Freelancer Scams and How to Avoid Them

Oct 09, 2020

In recent years, there has been ever-growing interest in freelance work and it has rightly  also led to more concern about freelancer scams. Taking advantage of people in need of jobs or a side income, scammers pretend to be employers (or even “helpful” fellow freelancers) to trick workers into g... Read more →

How to Be a Good Editor: Expert Advice for Honing Your Craft

Oct 02, 2020

Like any craft, editing skills develop with years of practice. World-class editors don’t simply emerge, fully-formed, from liberal arts colleges; instead, aspiring editors refine their craft through a combination of experience, networking, and a willingness to adapt one’s process to each new proj... Read more →

Remote Proofreading Jobs and 26 Places to Find Them

Oct 02, 2020

With working from home becoming more common than ever before, remote proofreading jobs are gaining a lot of traction. Amongst the online jobs you can do, checking from grammatical and spelling mistakes sounds like one of the easiest ones to pick up. But what exactly does this kind of work entail,... Read more →

Writing Portfolio 101: How to Impress Clients in 5 Steps

Sep 23, 2020

For a writer — be it a ghostwriter, freelance writer, or a journalist — a good writing portfolio is the culmination of a lot of things. It represents the result of your hard work, your pride and joy, and, perhaps most importantly, it’s how you get more writing jobs. Recommendations, word of mouth... Read more →

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