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I was born in Karachi Pakistan on 19 December 1959 in a business pathan family.I did my masters in History and political science from Peshawar university kpk.(Pakistan).I did different businesses but Later in 1988,I started my own school upto Class 10,in Peshawar,in my own property. .I experienced it for 28 years. In those days I wanted to experience some new experiments so I became a member of Oxford University press Peshawar,I learnt a lot there about writing, speeches etc. .Actually I used to write small articals for the news papers, essay, speeches and also did dramas in the school,I had a knack for writing but I didn't thought about it.Actually I wanted to write but I couldn't find any proper platform , so that's why I didn't move forward in this field.I love this field but later I saw your contests and Sword Stories ideas so I started writing just to see how far can I go and you can say "I'm Test Modeling".I also writing for the Urdu language Digests,I also send them some writing specimens, they liked it.Now I believe that I would also write for "Urdu" literature. I would say that your platform are the real source of encouragement for me and an exposure to the world Market. Here I want to mention that I am also practicing disability of my left hand palm since birth but Ido believe it won't harm my ways.Thank you.