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Developing Characters That Your Readers Will Love

If you want to create characters that your readers will never forget, sign up for this free 10 part course courtesy of Reedsy Learning.

Taught by Hannah Sandoval

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Writing Dialogue That Develops Plot and Character

In this free 10-part course, learn how to write dialogue that bring your characters to life and develop your plot into a satisfying narrative.

Taught by Bridget McNulty

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Children’s Books 101: Writing for the Right Age Group

In this course, you will learn what publishers are looking for in books for kids of all ages... and how you can write these bestsellers.

Taught by Anna Bowles

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How to Set up and Grow Your Author Mailing List

An author's mailing list should be the central pillar of their marketing efforts. In this free course, learn how to build a strong, engaged mailing list.

Taught by Ricardo Fayet

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How to Craft a Killer Short Story

Learn the art of the short story in this 10-part course from literary editor Laura Mae Isaacman.

Taught by Laura Mae Isaacman

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The Ten Commandments of Writing YA Novels

Editor Kate Angelella reveals her 10 Commandments for Writing Young Adult fiction in this free course from Reedsy Learning.

Taught by Kate Angelella

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Amazon Ads for Authors

So, you want to advertise your book? Great, you're already one step ahead of everyone else! Now, where should you start getting the word out about your novel? Amazon ads are the newest big thing in book marketing — not only because the market isn't as over-saturated as the others yet, but because...

Taught by Ricardo Fayet

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Book Reviews and How to Get Them

Book reviews can make or break a self-published author's success. Learn the best ways to secure your book reviews through this free Reedsy Learning course.

Taught by Amy Holman Edelman

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How To Validate Your Book Idea

Only 14 books show up on the first page of Amazon's search results. So wouldn't it be great to start writing your novel knowing you'll be one of those 14 with an audience? Too often authors pour blood and sweat into a book idea without knowing if a market exists for it. But if you're smart about ...

Taught by Dave Chesson

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