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1 Best Creative Writing Classes in Montreal

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The Pitch and the Script

Quebec Writers' Federation

This one-day workshop will concentrate on the โ€œpitchโ€ for a feature film, documentary or TV series. The oral pitch is an important part of developing and setting up a film or television project with a producer, studio or network. The pitch is useful both as a selling and personal creative tool. A short pitch, in which the story of the project is told concisely, is not meant only to be a selling tool to a producer.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites

Location: Montreal

Categories: Screenplay

Level: Any

Course length: 1 (2 hours)

Class size: 12

Price: $120.00

Start date: October, 2023


So youโ€™re looking for creative writing classes in Montreal

Great! By deciding to take a creative writing class in Montreal, youโ€™ve taken a huge step towards becoming a better writer.

This directory of the best writing courses in Montreal is meant to help you locate the right one for yourself. ย Weโ€™ve included filters for price and genre so that you can quickly sort through the writing classes. And before you commit to any one writing class, consider the following questions:

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  • What is the price of the writing course?
  • How far away is the writing course in Montreal? Is there a remote alternative?
  • How long could the course last?

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