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I have to take this out. So, I basically logged in to reedsy for fun during the lockdown. When I came here, I got stunned by the performance of the writers here. It intrigued me so I left it immediately. I took up writing in October last year and submitted a story. I got quite a response which I was not expecting. It made me happy. But then things changed, I did not know what downvoting was until upvoting came. Reedsy changed, people changed. Do you know the hype house of tik tok? Reedsy too has been converted into something like it. Entering into that group is tough and people make you feel down. I kinda felt the energy of this site negative for like a month. Here there is no art but a cascade of fake emotions. and from time to time I felt that my emotions have been trampled by people. I had a lot of outbursts here because I literally saw this site turn upside down. I don't care about points. So, leaving. Bye.