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I've been writing for over 10 years. Only started to give all effort into getting recognized. Been recently at a point in life where chasing my dream to become a writer is all that's left. Either try to live a dream or suffer in inflation and just survive. It's a thin line and I'm tipping the scale with ambition. Many of my work will rhyme. Some words may not unless the story is read out loud. Trust me it'll be more fun. I wanted to make music before but I had an experience that circumvented me from preforming. I'd love to become a writer that's loved and work is appreciated. Much love Write on. Just launched a book if anyone is interested here is the link: Emotional Defibrillator: Revive the broken emotions https://a.co/d/8A10o7Q Thanks and I appreciate the support. Ever comment and like means a lot to me so thank you for reading and enjoying my work.