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Understanding publishing is now easy thanks to insights from experts on our blog. This section of Reedsy's blog explores the rapidly changing face of publishing in the digital age.

IngramSpark Review: Read This Before Using It!

May 06, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

Not sure whether IngramSpark is the right self-publishing company for you? This guide will help you decide. Read more →

Vellum Review: Read This Before Using It!

Apr 30, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

Thinking about using Vellum software to format your book? Read this review first for key features, pros and cons, and how to know if it's right for you. Read more →

30+ Writing Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Apr 26, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

Discover the writing podcasts which will educate, delight and inspire you to become a better writer and a published author. Read more →

Scrivener 3 Review: Don't try it before you've read this!

Apr 26, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

In this review, Reedsy breaks down the top features of Scrivener 3 — the latest version of Literature and Latte's beloved writing app. Read more →

The 17 BEST Self-Publishing Companies of 2023

Apr 22, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

Discover the very best self-publishing companies of 2023 that all indie authors should know — along with tips on how to pick the right one for you. Read more →

Steps for Putting Together a Great Anthology

Apr 12, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

Anthologies are great opportunities for writers, organizations, and publishers. But what's involved in making one? Find out in this guide! Read more →

YA vs. Middle Grade Fiction: 4 Key Differences (2023 Update)

Apr 03, 2019 – Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

When writing for Middle Grade or YA audiences, you need to know what those different readers expect and need. Editor Jamie Evans explains. Read more →

How to Become an Author: The Ultimate Guide

Mar 25, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

Find out how to become an author with this guide from the Reedsy team. Includes best practices for both traditional and self-publishing. Read more →

Print on Demand Books: The 6 Best Services in 2023, Compared!

Feb 13, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

What's the best service for print on demand books? In this post, we compare six of today's top POD services and give recommendations for authors. Read more →

What is Urban Fantasy? Definition and Examples

Jan 25, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

Get a grip on one of the most exciting fantasy subgenres with this complete guide that explains what is urban fantasy — and how to read more of it. Read more →

How to Start a Publishing Company in 2023

Jan 23, 2019 – Understanding Publishing

This comprehensive guide covers the steps involved in how to start a publishing company — and will help you decide if it's the right path for you. Read more →

15 of the Best Online Writing Communities for Aspiring Authors

Nov 19, 2018 – Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

Looking for support from fellow writers from the comfort of your own home? Look no further with this list of some of the top online writing communities. Read more →

What's It Like to Work with a Ghostwriter? Well, Let’s Ask One

Oct 26, 2018 – Understanding Publishing

Acclaimed ghostwriter Katy Weitz explains her process for collaborating with authors on their memoir, from the first interviews to the final manuscript. Read more →

How to Build a Rocking Author Media Kit: a 7-Step Template

Sep 28, 2018 – Understanding Publishing

Discover how to create an essential author media kit that wins over everyone from the press and book reviewers to indie bookstores. Read more →

How to Write an Incredible Synopsis in 4 Simple Steps

Sep 12, 2018 – Understanding Publishing

Your synopsis can decide the fate of your novel — learn here how to write a synopsis full of intrigue and spark! Read more →

List of Print Book Distributors

Aug 13, 2018 – Understanding Publishing

Find the right distributor for your book with this comprehensive list of the top book distributors from four English speaking countries. Read more →

What Do Proofreading Marks Mean?

Jun 06, 2018 – Understanding Publishing

Find out the meaning of the most common proofreading marks used by editing professionals. Read more →

7 Books You Never Knew Were Ghostwritten

Mar 28, 2018 – Understanding Publishing

Ghostwriters. You might read ‘em, but you don’t see ‘em — and you often don’t even know that they’re right there. So what books were ghostwritten? Read more →

How to Submit a Book Proposal in Just 3 Steps

Mar 08, 2018 – Understanding Publishing

Ready to submit a book proposal? First, decide whether you need an agent, how find the right publishers, and learn what to do if your proposal is rejected. Read more →

Download the World's Most Essential Self-Publishing Checklist

Feb 08, 2018 – Understanding Publishing

Need a simple step-by-step self-publishing checklist to guide you through publishing and marketing your books? Well, that's exactly what this is. Read more →

EPUB vs mobi: Is Amazon's mobi Format Now Dead?

Nov 17, 2017 – Understanding Publishing, Book Design

Discover the differences between the three most popular book file formats on the planet — and learn which ones are best for you. Read more →

The Ins and Outs of a Twitter Pitch Party

Jul 21, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

Looking to land a book deal or find an agent? Take a look at upcoming Twitter Pitch Parties and follow the advice in this post to get "hearted"! Read more →

Can Non-Fiction Authors Create Their Own Indexes?

Jul 14, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

Learn why hiring a freelance indexer to create a professional index is important for non-fiction authors looking to stand out in a competitive market. Read more →

Winning the World’s Largest Online Writing Contest – A Reedsy Success Story

Jul 12, 2017 – From our Authors, Understanding Publishing

The Wattys is a yearly writing competition by Wattpad. Author Rhón, one of the 2015 winners, shares his story on how he first gained fame on Wattpad. Read more →

Print and Distribute Your Book with Blurb and Reedsy

Jun 07, 2017 – Understanding Publishing, Reedsy News

Learn how to print and distribute bookstore-quality books using Reedsy and Blurb. It's a simple four-step plan from manuscript to final delivery. Read more →

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