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Understanding publishing is now easy thanks to industry insights from experts on our blog. Reedsy explores the rapidly changing face of publishing in the digital age. Get answers to frequently asked questions like —Is self-publishing better than traditional publishing?

The 4 Best Kindle Calculators for Authors

Feb 11, 2021 – Understanding Publishing

Four free, web-based Kindle calculators that will provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions — levelling out the road to KDP publication. Read more →

24 Types of Nonfiction: A Handy Guide to Finding Your Genre

Feb 10, 2021 – Book Marketing, Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

Whether you're writing or reading, you can find the nonfiction genre for you among these 24 types of nonfiction. Read more →

Word Counts: How Long is a Novella, Novelette, and Short Story?

Jan 13, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

Find out how long a novella, novelette, and short story are supposed to be. Read more →

How to Publish a Book in 2021: 10 Steps to Success

Jan 12, 2021 – Understanding Publishing

If you’re a writer, a dreamer, or anyone with something important to say, you’ve probably thought about writing and publishing a book. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find concrete tips, publishing resources, and all the professional guidance you’ll need to get your book out into the world. Read more →

8 Self-Publishing Success Stories Every Author Should Know

Jan 05, 2021 – Understanding Publishing

If you’re on the fence about going the indie route and need some inspiration before you take that leap, we’ve got 8 self-publishing success stories to share with you. Though the obstacles they faced were different, each of these authors took their writing career into their own hands —  and it paid off. Read more →

The Ultimate List of Book Genres: 35 Popular Genres, Explained

Dec 29, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

The tropes and expectations of a book’s genre will inform its content and style during the writing process, as well as fundamentals such as word count. In this post, get familiar with dozens of the most popular genres in today's publishing landscape. Read more →

How Much Do Authors Make? Figures + Tips to Earn More

Dec 29, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

“How much do authors make?” is one of the most pressing questions for those considering a career as an author, or hoping to earn more. Here you'll find all the relevant facts and figures, plus tips on how to make money as an author! Read more →

How to Make a Chapbook in 4 No-Nonsense Steps

Nov 17, 2020 – Understanding Publishing, Book Design

If you're currently in the process of growing your readership as a poet, you're going to need to know how to make a chapbook. These short books can help kickstart your literary reputation, and may well increase your chances of getting a book deal for your debut poetry collection. Sounds good? Re... Read more →

What is a Chapbook? (And Should You Publish One?)

Nov 12, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

Welcome to the niche world of poetry chapbooks, where many budding poets come to develop their craft and grow their readership. While developing novelists and short story writers are, these days, often going digital, emerging poets are finding new life in the printed word. Read on to find out wha... Read more →

20 Christian Publishers You Can Put Your Faith In

Oct 27, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

The Christian publishing scene is vibrant, diverse, and big — there are a lot of publishers out there, all with their own niches, and it can be hard to figure out who does what. So if you're looking for a who's-who guide to Christian publishers, you've come to the right place! We’ve hand-picked ... Read more →

How to Get a Book Deal in 2021

Oct 12, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

Want to know how to get a book deal? From polishing your writing and crafting a query letter, to securing a literary agent and that ever-desirable contract, the process of selling your book to a publisher is fairly straightforward: you just need to be meticulous, patient, and a little bit lucky. Read more →

20 LGBT Publishers Flying the Rainbow Flag with Pride

Oct 07, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

The LGBTQ+ community has been historically underrepresented in publishing. But with the growth of online books sales and a greater mainstream appetite for diverse characters and stories, there has been a resulting boom in LGBTQ+ books and publishers specializing in this blossoming niche. To help... Read more →

How to Self-Publish a Children’s Book: 6 Steps to a Magical Launch

Sep 28, 2020 – Perfecting your Craft, Understanding Publishing

Can’t wait to share your children's book with the world? Use our 6-step guide on how to publish a children's book to help you get there. Read more →

Professional Editor: Is Your Book Ready for an Editor?

Sep 21, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

A professional editor is the one collaborator that no author can do without — even blockbuster writers with dozens of publications to their name. While writing the first draft is often a solitary affair, the process of revising a manuscript eventually requires the objective eye of someone who kno... Read more →

How to Submit a Manuscript to a Publisher In 5 Simple Steps

Sep 01, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

Scott Pack is an editor, publisher, and author of the book How to Perfect Your Submission. He's here today to shed some light on how to research prospects and perfect your manuscript submission to agents and publishers. Take it away, Scott! As a publisher, I receive a hell of a lot of manuscript ... Read more →

How to Publish a Cookbook in 6 Easy-As-Pie Steps

Aug 19, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

If you’re hoping to learn how to publish a cookbook, you’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll look at all the cookbook-specific aspects of the publishing process. We’ve already looked at how you can write a cookbook and self-publish it in a previous post. So in this post, we’ll assume... Read more →

25 Top Publishing Companies in NYC

Aug 07, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

For the past hundred years, New York City has stood at the center of traditional publishing. If you’ve ever dreamed of landing a book deal, you’ve probably pictured an editor poring over your manuscript in an office filled with bestsellers, the NYC skyline gleaming outside her window. Whether yo... Read more →

Draft2Digital Review: Read This BEFORE You Publish

Aug 05, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

The gold standard for self-publishing aggregators, Draft2Digital distinguishes itself with excellent customer service and a user-friendly interface. They’re the best way to sell your book with dozens of retailers without tearing your hair out. Pros: Quick to set-up and publish a book Robust... Read more →

25 Cookbook Publishers Who Can Serve Up Your Recipes

Aug 03, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

Whether you're a homecook or a restaurant owner, these 25 cookbook publishers can help you on your quest to share your recipes with the world! Read more →

How to Plan a Successful Book Launch in 6 Easy Steps

Jul 23, 2020 – Understanding Publishing, Book Marketing

You've written a book, now's the time set it up for success by planning your book launch! Check out our tips and download our free book launch checklist! Read more →

Top Children's Book Agents Accepting Submissions in 2021

Jul 21, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

Behind every great children's book is a brilliant, creative author — but behind them, propping up the entire operation, is a savvy, well-connected agent! So if you've written an amazing kids' book but you're not sure how to proceed, querying a few children's book agents is a great way to go. Read more →

How to Sell Ebooks on Amazon: 7 Tips For Making Money as An Author

Jul 16, 2020 – Understanding Publishing, Book Marketing

Learn how to sell ebooks on amazon by making sure your book page is as polished as possible — as well as tips for driving traffic to your Amazon book page! Read more →

How to Find Editors for New Writers (5-Step Guide)

Jul 15, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

As a company that specializes in finding editors for new writers, we're here to make the search process less daunting. It’s pretty straightforward, as long as do your homework, clarify your priorities, and clearly communicate your expectations. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can ... Read more →

How to Publish a Nonfiction Book: Land a Book Deal in 5 Steps

Jul 13, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

Publishing a book is a lifelong dream for many people. But just because you have a great idea for a nonfiction book, that doesn’t mean you know how to publish a nonfiction book. Those familiar with the ins and outs of publishing novels will be surprised at the difference in how fiction and nonfi... Read more →

The Essential Guide to Amazon KDP

Jul 06, 2020 – Understanding Publishing

A look at Amazon's KDP platform with a focus on how it revolutionized publishing (and why some authors might choose to avoid it). Read more →

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