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Producing a professional book is no easy thing, but selling it is even harder! On the Reedsy Blog, we share the latest book marketing trends and inspiration to make the process a bit easier.

How to Make a Cinematic Book Trailer (with Examples)

Jul 08, 2024 – Book Marketing

Book trailers can be a fun and effective way to promote your book. Learn how to craft one from scratch by following these 7 steps. Read more →

The Differences Between Book Marketing and Publicity: Credibility Versus Control

Feb 20, 2023 – Book Marketing

Book marketing and book publicity comprise two main pillars of book promotion. Check out this post by Kellie Rendina to understand their differences. Read more →

Developing Your Author Brand: 6 Ways to Showcase Your Unique Writing Identity

Aug 08, 2022 – Book Marketing

An "author brand" can be a pretty vague concept. Learn how to successfully develop yours in this post by Harry Bingham. Read more →

How to Make Your Book Newsworthy: 5 Tips from a Publicist

Aug 05, 2022 – Book Marketing

How can you earn media coverage for your book? Book publicity takes some preparation and watchfulness, but it can help your book become news. Read more →

Amazon Ads for Authors: Magic Bullet or Waste of Time?

Jun 27, 2022 – Book Marketing

Is Amazon ads the magic bullet authors need to advertise their book? Read this breakdown of the ad platform's pros and cons to find out. Read more →

Affect vs. Effect: How To Always Pick the Right Word

Dec 29, 2021 – Book Marketing

Learn three memory tricks to ensure you'll never again confuse 'affect' and 'effect'. Read more →

Amazon Editorial Reviews: An Indie Author’s Secret Weapon

Aug 11, 2021 – Book Marketing

In this post, we’ll explain why Amazon editorial reviews matter, how to secure them, and how to use them to impact your launch. Read more →

An Ode to Independent Bookshops: Lessons from the Road

Jun 28, 2021 – Book Marketing

How can independent bookshops and self-published authors support each other? Hear about a Reedsy author's book tour. Read more →

Social Media for Writers: The Complete Guide

May 07, 2021 – Book Marketing

Learn all about the major social media platforms for writers, and how to make the most of your social channels as an author! Read more →

BookFunnel Review: Should You Use It to Deliver Your Ebooks?

Apr 19, 2021 – Book Marketing

Thinking about using BookFunnel to deliver your ebooks? Here's what it has to offer, from stellar reader support to group promotions. Read more →

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