Perfecting your craft

Struggling to master the art of writing? Reedsy shares top tips from industry giants on perfecting your craft. Read to find actionable advice on plot, character, storytelling and more!

How to Plot a Novel Like a NYT Bestselling Author

Jun 13, 2024 – Perfecting your Craft

Need to plot your novel? Follow these 7 steps from New York Times bestselling author Caroline Leavitt. Read more →

How to Write an Autobiography: The Story of Your Life

Jun 05, 2024 – Perfecting your Craft

Want to write your autobiography but aren’t sure where to start? This step-by-step guide will take you from opening lines to publishing it for everyone to read. Read more →

What is the Climax of a Story? Examples & Tips

May 31, 2024 – Perfecting your Craft

The climax is perhaps a story's most crucial moment, but many writers struggle to stick the landing. Let's see what makes for a great story climax. Read more →

What is Tone in Literature? Definition & Examples

May 10, 2024 – Perfecting your Craft

We show you, with supporting examples, how tone in literature influences readers' emotions and perceptions of a text. Read more →

Writing Cozy Mysteries: 7 Essential Tips & Tropes

May 02, 2024 – Perfecting your Craft

We show you how to write a compelling cozy mystery with advice from published authors and supporting examples from literature. Read more →

Man vs Nature: The Most Compelling Conflict in Writing

Apr 18, 2024 – Perfecting your Craft

What is man vs nature? Learn all about this timeless conflict with examples of man vs nature in books, television, and film. Read more →

The Redemption Arc: Definition, Examples, and Writing Tips

Apr 12, 2024 – Perfecting your Craft

Learn what it takes to redeem a character with these examples and writing tips. Read more →

How Many Sentences Are in a Paragraph?

Mar 13, 2024 – Perfecting your Craft

From fiction to nonfiction works, the length of a paragraph varies depending on its purpose. Here's everything you need to know. Read more →

Narrative Structure: Definition, Examples, and Writing Tips

Dec 18, 2023 – Perfecting your Craft

What's the difference between story structure and narrative structure? And how do you choose the right narrative structure for you novel? Read more →

What is the Proust Questionnaire? 22 Questions to Write Better Characters

Dec 08, 2023 – Perfecting your Craft

Inspired by Marcel Proust, check out the questionnaire that will help your characters remember things past. Read more →

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