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Big Announcement! We've Launched a New Book Marketing Tool

Mar 04, 2019 – Book Marketing, Reedsy News

For over four years, the team at Reedsy has worked with thousands of self-published authors helping them develop their craft and publish better books with the help of our professional editors, designers, and book marketers. Read more →

10 Surprising Ways Writers Can Supplement Their Writing Income

Sep 06, 2018 – Reedsy News

Val Breit is the founder of The Common Cents Club, where she coaches others to take charge of their finances, their future, and their freedom -- so they can spend more time doing what they love (without going broke). She especially loves strategizing ways to turn a love for writing into multiple ... Read more →

Print and Distribute Your Book with Blurb and Reedsy

Jun 07, 2017 – Understanding Publishing, Reedsy News

At Reedsy HQ this week, we’re taking a big step towards our goal of making it easier for authors to get their books into the hands of readers. With the announcement of our partnership with Blurb, you now have the option to seamlessly print and distribute the books you produce with the Reedsy Book... Read more →

New to Reedsy: Author Website Services

Jun 01, 2017 – Reedsy News

Hi! It's Matt from the Product Team at Reedsy. We're pleased to announce the launch of author website design services on the Reedsy Marketplace. Some of the finest author website designers and waiting to collaborate with you to improve your web presence, or even build your site from scratch. Aut... Read more →

Announcing #IWriteBecause: A Campaign For Writers, By Writers

May 08, 2017 – Reedsy News

The pinnacle of a writer’s life may not ever be a tearful speech at the Oscars. (“I want to thank my ergonomic keyboard for not giving me carpal tunnel.”) However, though it might not take the form of a miniature golden statue, all writers possess inspirations that drive them to put pen to paper.... Read more →

A new romance book template... that's made for you

May 04, 2017 – Book Design, Reedsy News

Earlier in the year, we sent out an April Fool's email suggesting that we were turning Reedsy into a dating service for lovelorn authors. From the kind replies we received, it became clear that more than a few of you have a soft spot for romance... If you're one of the 10% of Reedsians currently... Read more →

Introducing Reedsy Learning: The Five-Minute Publishing School

Oct 10, 2016 – Reedsy News

“Once you stop learning, you start dying,” a great man with a mustache once said. And while I’m sure most of us agree with the sentiment, our hectic modern lives often leave us with little time to expand our knowledge. That is, of course, until now. Today, the team here at Reedsy is proud to u... Read more →

Today, Reedsy changes the way millions of authors will create books

Feb 16, 2016 – Reedsy News

We are incredibly proud. After months of work, we are releasing the first version of the Reedsy Book Editor, a writing tool that will transform the way millions of authors create their books. It took thousands of hours, and countless iterations on design and code to create what we believe will di... Read more →

Launching our Reedsy Project Protection

Oct 14, 2015 – Reedsy News

Establishing a safe place for authors and publishers Our goal with Reedsy since the very beginning has been to create a safe place for authors and publishers to work seamlessly with the best publishing talent. We envisioned a place where they could be certain that every single collaboration would... Read more →

New: Author Profiles on the Reedsy Network

Apr 02, 2015 – Reedsy News

A few months ago, we gave editors and designers the tools to create a beautiful profile on Reedsy. Today, we’re proud to be unveiling author profiles! Log in to your Reedsy account here and get started on yours now for free! Marketing matters - grow your followers and build up a mailing list Yo... Read more →

Reedsy now allows authors to receive quotes from professional editors and illustrators

Nov 17, 2014 – Reedsy News

Reedsy is already making waves in the publishing industry. Last month, we gave authors the best marketplace to find publishing professionals. Today marks a new milestone with Reedsy: we’re allowing authors to request quotes from freelance editors and illustrators. Browse the marketplace Reedsy al... Read more →

Press Release: Reedsy opens to authors on Monday October 13th 2014

Oct 07, 2014 – Reedsy News

“The best editors, designers, and marketers no longer work for big publishing companies. Instead, they are striking out on their own and working as freelancers,” says trader, investor, writer and entrepreneur, James Altucher. The richness of the freelancer landscape is no secret, but many don’t ... Read more →

Press Release: September 2nd 2014 – Launch of Freelancer Profiles

Sep 02, 2014 – Reedsy News

LONDON - 2/9/2014 Self-publishing startup Reedsy officially launches today! Reedsy is excited to release to the public the first version of its website, progressively inviting editors and designers to join their marketplace over the course of the next 48 hours. Increasingly, authors are reali... Read more →

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