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Meet the Reedsy Editorial Team: Your Guides to Publishing

Apr 04, 2024 – Reedsy News

Introducing the experts behind Reedsy's writing and publishing blog. Read more →

ReedsyMatch: A Revolutionary Dating App for Writers

Apr 01, 2024 – Reedsy News

Introducing the first app that will help you conquer writer's block and crippling loneliness in one fell swoop. Read more →

What's New on the Reedsy Marketplace? [2023 Update]

May 24, 2023 – Reedsy News

A quick intro to Reedsy's May 2023 update, including its new interface and landing page for the Reedsy Book Editor. Read more →

Happy April Fool's Day!

Apr 01, 2023 – Reedsy News

Sadly, ReedsyMatch is stuck in second gear. Come back this time next year and we'll hopefully find your literary match. Read more →

The World's Best Writing App Just Got Cats

Apr 01, 2023 – Reedsy News

How could Reedsy's beloved book-writing app get any better? With the addition of cats, of course. Read more →

Bookdle: The Word-a-Day Publishing App

Apr 01, 2022 – Reedsy News

Discover a new way to engage and excite your readers. Bookdle: Publishing's answer to Wordle. Read more →

Big Announcement! We've Launched a New Book Marketing Tool

Mar 04, 2019 – Reedsy News

Find out more about Reedsy Discovery, the new marketing tool that allows indie authors to connect with a huge community of reviewers and readers. Read more →

Print and Distribute Your Book with Blurb and Reedsy

Jun 07, 2017 – Reedsy News

Learn how to print and distribute bookstore-quality books using Reedsy and Blurb. It's a simple four-step plan from manuscript to final delivery. Read more →

New to Reedsy: Author Website Services

Jun 01, 2017 – Reedsy News

Reedsy announces the launch of author website services on their freelance marketplace. If you need a web presence, the best professionals are already here. Read more →

Announcing #IWriteBecause: A Campaign For Writers, By Writers

May 08, 2017 – Reedsy News

Contribute to #IWriteBecause: a campaign that asks writers why they write and aims to tackle illiteracy in developing countries. Read more →

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