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How Making My Book Available in Print Landed It In "The Guardian"

Jan 17, 2019 – From our Authors

Think print is dead? Think again. Author Katja Meier's book has received critical acclaim and is being made into a movie. Which couldn't have happened without print. Read more →

"How I Got my Indie Novel Into the Country's Largest Brick-and-Mortar Chain" — By Carol Cooper

Oct 26, 2018 – From our Authors, Book Marketing

Carol Cooper is a journalist, author, and doctor. She writes for The Sun newspaper, broadcasts on TV and radio, and has a string of non-fiction books to her name including an award-winning textbook of medicine. In this post, Carol reveals how she got her latest novel, Hampstead Fever, into Britai... Read more →

5 Secrets to a Successful Collaboration with a Designer

Oct 26, 2018 – From our Authors

Kathy Strahs is the award-winning author of The Lemonade Stand Cookbook, and the founder of Burnt Cheese Press. Her work has been featured on,, and numerous national publications. She lives with her husband and their two children in Silicon Valley. In this article, she shares ... Read more →

5 Publishing Lessons I Learned Working With a Professional Marketer

Sep 04, 2018 – From our Authors

As a life-long fan of classic science fiction as well as emerging new voices from the genre, Fabrice Stephan's underlying passion is the exploration of technology through fiction, which he shares in his latest novel, "Human Starpilots." In this post, he talks about the five biggest lessons he learned about publishing by working with a professional marketer. Read more →

How My Editor Helped Me Understand Historical Fiction

Aug 14, 2018 – From our Authors

Dan Cross' debut novel, "Caesar of Mercenaries," has been shortlisted for the 2018 Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Award. In this post, he talks about the responsibility historical fiction writers have when it comes to blending fact and fiction — and the advice his editor ultimately gave him that set him on the path to success. Read more →

Why I Chose CreateSpace to Print My Paperback

Jul 04, 2018 – From our Authors

Yvonne Feltman talks about using CreateSpace to print her latest book. If you’re comparing the different POD services out there, this might help you choose! Read more →

Four Things I Learned While Writing Crime Fiction

May 30, 2018 – From our Authors

Reedsy author Zack Klika talks about the four biggest pieces of advice he learned about writing crime fiction by working with professional editors. Read more →

9 Things I Learned From Rewriting My First Children's Book Series

Mar 07, 2018 – From our Authors

As a primary school teacher, Heather B. Moon always knew she eventually wanted to write books for children. She also felt that she had a leg up in terms of knowing her market. In this article, she discusses what she learned from rewriting her first series of children's books with the help of a professional developmental editor.  Read more →

What It's Like to Co-Write One Book With Ten Authors

Feb 21, 2018 – From our Authors

Tanja Rohini Bisgaard is Norwegian and writes short fiction about a future world where the environment has changed as a result of pollution, climate change, and extensive use of natural resources. In this article, she talks about what it's like to co-write a book with ten authors — ten authors wh... Read more →

How Professional Design Helped Me Through the Wild West of Indie Publishing

Feb 01, 2018 – From our Authors

Adam Bender's debut novel takes place in the Wild West. According to him, the landscape of self-publishing bears some similarities with that setting. In this article, he talks about how professionals helped him design his book and successfully navigate this new territory. In my new novel, The ... Read more →

Reedsy Helped Me Start My Own Indie Publishing Company

Jan 17, 2018 – From our Authors

Christina Enquist shares her experience assembling the team of professionals that helped launch her debut novel, The Immundus — and her very own independent publishing company, Odolf Mingan Publishing. I was on safari, traversing my way through the rugged terrain of social media, seeking the e... Read more →

Why Diversity in the Comic Book World Matters To Me

Nov 28, 2017 – From our Authors

Latravious Calloway is a self-taught artist and writer with a passion for graphic novels and anime. In this article, he talks about how a driving force behind his graphic novel, Evian Rising, was to feature underrepresented heroes of the comic book world: women of color.  Representation of suc... Read more →

Why I'm Writing a Trilogy — and Maybe You Should, Too

Nov 08, 2017 – From our Authors

After graduating with a degree in Biological Anthropology, Kara Timmins is now bringing her keen interest in evolutionary processes and natural systems into the fantasy genre with her first major release, Eloy's Discovery — book one in a trilogy. In this article, she talks about the power of thre... Read more →

How I Established My Romance Novel's Subgenres

Oct 27, 2017 – From our Authors

Barbara James lives in New York, and is an avid romance reader and a former academic writer. In this article, she breaks down her latest romance novel's subgenres — sweet, contemporary, new adult — and explains the characteristics and importance of each one. [caption id="attachment_7767" align... Read more →

If You Can't Find the Stories You Want to Read, Write Them Yourself

Oct 11, 2017 – From our Authors

Shaz Kahng features in the first season of Reedsy's self-publishing podcast, Bestseller. She has worked as a research scientist, a global consulting partner, a builder of e-businesses, a brand strategist, and has led teams in several male-dominated industries. When she noticed that strong female ... Read more →

How Blending the Past and Present Allowed Me to Ask: "What If?"

Oct 05, 2017 – Perfecting your Craft, From our Authors

Along with being an author, Finian Black is a doctor who served in the British Army. He lives in Winchester, which is chock-full of medieval reminders of the time and story inspiration. In this article, he talks about how playing with myths and legends — stories steeped in history but often in li... Read more →

How I Wrote My Novel by Building a Community

Sep 14, 2017 – Perfecting your Craft, From our Authors, Book Marketing

Giuseppe Porcaro is the author of DISCO SOUR: an existential odyssey of a heartsick politician trying to save a war-torn, post-austerity Europe from algorithmic autocracy. In this article, he talks about the collaboration behind his latest novel, which was inspired in large part by interactive ev... Read more →

How to Kill Your Darlings

Aug 30, 2017 – From our Authors, Book Marketing

This August, Simon Woodward published his fifth book, Dead Weapons. During the writing process, Simon faced a struggle familiar to many writers: should he follow his creative instincts or tailor his novel to enhance its marketability? In this article, Simon talks about the act Faulkner’s coined “... Read more →

Why Setting Your Story Matters

Aug 25, 2017 – From our Authors

Imogen Clark lives in Yorkshire, England with her husband and children. She also writes books for young teenage girls under the pen name Lucinda Fox. In this article, Imogen talks about how establishing a real sense of setting improved her novel and even benefited her marketing strategy. Pictu... Read more →

My Building-Block Approach to Writing a Novel

Aug 17, 2017 – From our Authors

Dan Burns is the author of A Fine Line and Recalled to Life. He is also an award-winning writer for the screen and stage. In this article, Dan talks about overcoming the “where do I start?” question that plagues many writers at the onset of their career. His advice for overcoming that doubt? Star... Read more →

How One Word Transformed a Hollywood Screenwriter's Career

Aug 09, 2017 – From our Authors

With more than 25 produced credits to his name, Stu Krieger is best known as the writer of the animated classic, The Land Before Time. Almost 30 years later, Stu is here to share how moving outside his comfort zone has shaped his career as a writer. This fall, Stu is publishing his debut novel, T... Read more →

Winning the World’s Largest Online Writing Contest – A Reedsy Success Story

Jul 12, 2017 – From our Authors, Understanding Publishing

Author Rhón is brand new to the writing world, but his Frontier Fantasy novel Oakwood Grange was recently selected out of 75,000 entries for a Wattys award — an annual international contest of authors held by Wattpad. The story also earned him a “Featured” spot on the website’s homepage for a mon... Read more →

My Experience Scoring a Kindle Scout Book Deal

Jul 11, 2017 – From our Authors

In 2016, Keith Yocum entered his latest novel into the Kindle Scout program. His novel was selected for the 30-day campaign, and then picked for publication by Kindle Press — all to Keith's own surprise. In this guest post, Keith tells us about his Kindle Scout experience, and the not-so-secret r... Read more →

The Lightbulb Moment: Turning an Idea Into a Novel

Jun 29, 2017 – Perfecting your Craft, From our Authors

M.T. Ellis is a Brisbane-based crime thriller author. She has just published her debut novel, Azrael, which was inspired by a nightmare she had in 2014. In this article, M.T. talks about the so-called “lightbulb” moment — the moment an author strikes plot-gold. Writers, she explains, can have man... Read more →

18 Pieces of Publishing Advice From Our Authors

Jun 02, 2017 – Perfecting your Craft, From our Authors

For the past two years, this blog has been home to the From Our Authors series: articles penned by authors on the Reedsy Network. They've kindly shared their publishing experiences with their fellow writers, filling us all in on what has worked (and not worked) for them. Straight from this well o... Read more →

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