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"How I Got my Indie Novel Into the Country's Largest Brick-and-Mortar Chain" — By Carol Cooper

Oct 26, 2018 – From our Authors

Learn how UK indie author Carol Cooper managed to place her self-published novel into the UK's biggest brick-and-mortar chain: WH Smith. Read more →

How My Editor Helped Me Understand Historical Fiction

Aug 14, 2018 – From our Authors

Dan Cross struggled between balancing fact and fiction while writing his latest historical fiction. Until his editor stepped in and gave him this advice. Read more →

My Building-Block Approach to Writing a Novel

Aug 17, 2017 – From our Authors

Many debut authors get stuck wondering how to start their novel. Novelist Dan Burns says the trick is to start small, and see where your story takes you. Read more →

How One Word Transformed a Hollywood Screenwriter's Career

Aug 09, 2017 – From our Authors

Writer of "The Land Before Time," Stu Krieger talks about foraying into the world of self-publishing, and how one word has been instrumental to his success. Read more →

Winning the World’s Largest Online Writing Contest – A Reedsy Success Story

Jul 12, 2017 – From our Authors

The Wattys is a yearly writing competition by Wattpad. Author Rhón, one of the 2015 winners, shares his story on how he first gained fame on Wattpad. Read more →

Self-Publishing a Family Memoir

Aug 01, 2016 – From our Authors

Having previously published many children's books, Malaika Rose Stanley is no stranger to publishing. Yet with Loose Connections, she attempted something completely different from her usual style of writing. Read on to know what it was like for her to self-publish her book and go on a familiar ye... Read more →

Writing a Book when English is not your First Language by author Dom Cutrupi

Jul 21, 2016 – From our Authors

Dom Cutrupi is the author of The Abyss of Lumberwitch, the first volume of his Abyss series. A storyteller by day, and a video editor by night, he chose to write a novel in English even though it was a foreign language for him. In an intimate conversation with the Reedsy team, Dom reveals what it... Read more →

How to Get “Writing a Novel” off Your Bucket List

Jul 04, 2016 – From our Authors

Natalie Barelli harbored a dream that's all too familiar for our readers — writing a novel. An IT professional writing a psychological thriller might have seemed like a pipe dream, but persistence led to a book which by all accounts is a real page-turner. If "writing a novel" is still on your buc... Read more →

Making Hiding Haelo in Reedsy Studio

Jun 23, 2016 – From our Authors

Tara Holladay is the author of Hiding Haelo. We're thrilled to share with you that she used the Reedsy Book Editor to print her book with Amazon's KDP Print. Since we felt that being able to export a print ready file straight from your browser will empower many authors who want to self-publish, i... Read more →

Starting a Historical Fiction Series – A Reedsy Success Story

May 03, 2016 – From our Authors

Historical fiction author R.P. Wollbaum is another great example of the tremendous opportunity self-publishing represents for authors. Read more →

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