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Big Announcement! We've Launched a New Book Marketing Tool

Posted in: Book Marketing, Reedsy News on March 4, 2019 6 Comments 💬

For over four years, the team at Reedsy has worked with thousands of self-published authors helping them develop their craft and publish better books with the help of our professional editors, designers, and book marketers. And in that time, we’ve noticed one thing popping up again and again: As an indie author, it’s really hard to find readers.

When you’ve spent ages perfecting your book, polishing the manuscript and nailing the cover design, it going to be a total bummer if you put it out into the world and only hear the sound of crickets (notably, the least literate of insects).

With this challenge in mind, we’re really excited to announce the launch of Reedsy Discovery 🎉

What is Reedsy Discovery?

Designed with indie authors in mind, Reedsy Discovery is a platform that gives you direct exposure to hundreds of reviewers and thousands of readers. With the help of our community and machine-learning algorithms, Reedsy Discovery will let you home in on eager readers who would otherwise have no way of finding out about your awesome mystery novel, fantasy epic, memoir, or non-fiction masterpiece. In short, it’s all about connecting your book with the right people. Or, if you want another comparison: it’s like Goodreads for indie authors (only it looks a lot better).

Throwing humility to the wind, our aim is to make Reedsy Discovery the go-to platform for any author looking to create momentum for their launch.

So how does it work?

When you sign up to Discovery, your book will be presented to a pool of experienced and relevant reviewers that have been hand-selected by the team at Reedsy. For maximum suitability, they get to choose what they review — so make sure that your title, synopsis, and cover catches their eye!

Then, on the launch date of your choice (which, we’re imagining might coincide with your publishing date) your book will be promoted to thousands of registered readers who can then:

  • Browse your sample chapter 👀
  • Comment on it 💬
  • Lovingly admire your cover design 😍
  • Read your review (if you have one) 🤓
  • Upvote the book 👍
  • And purchase it through your chosen online retailers 💸

At launch, authors will pay $50 for exposure on Reedsy Discovery. To stand the best chance of attracting the right reviewer, we’ve created a guide to launching on Reedsy Discovery which includes our best submission tips.

So if you’re a self-publishing author, why not head down to Reedsy Discovery and find out how we can help you get the reviews and readers that your book launch deserves!

Want to help out your ol’ buddies at Reedsy? Click here and upvote Reedsy Discovery at Product Hunt. Any help us get the word out about this service — which will, in turn, help you get more eyes on your next book.

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Regina Joyce Clarke

Hi--I want to re-launch a fantasy book I wrote. Do you accept that or must they be brand new launches?


HI Regina! The platform is intended for new releases, but as we've just launched there may be a little leeway for re-launches. If you email us at discovery@reedsy.com — I'm sure we'll be able to help.

M. E. Weyerbacher, author

I heard about this on a recent podcast. Awesome.
Will reviewers be able to choose what genre they want to review in?
As an author I would want my book's category to be clear so they know what to expect.
Thanks for all your hard work for helping us indies.


Absolutely! Reviewers can pick up to 3 genres they want to receive books in.

Lyn O'Keefe

I published my book on Kobo in mid-May and I wouldn't say it's been "launched"! I've just enrolled in your Facebook course which I understand will start tomorrow. Is I too late to launch through Discovery?

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