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Posted on Apr 01, 2024

ReedsyMatch: A Revolutionary Dating App for Writers

After working behind the scenes for years, the Reedsy team is excited to announce a brand-new dating app set to revolutionize the love lives of writers worldwide.

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The problem with traditional dating platforms is that they are often too superficial and generic, leaving writers 一 who are sensitive and thoughtful at heart 一 hungry for deeper connections.

Wouldn’t you want to meet someone who shares your preference for high fantasy (or, as your taste may have it, free verse poetry)? Someone who understands your struggles, whether those are finishing your first draft or battling in the query trenches?

We built ReedsyMatch to help writers find love based on their personalities. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create your profile and discover your Tell-tale Traits®

Move over, Myers-Briggs — we’ve developed a new personality test specific to writers. In essence, we’ve blended the best of astrology, the Enneagram, and literary history to develop a system of twelve Tell-tale Traits®. Of course, as Walt Whitman tells us, we each contain multitudes, so you’ll get a detailed breakdown of your three main traits, helping you understand who you are as a writer, person, and partner.

Quiz for a dating app for writers

The ultimate goal of this quiz is to help you find true love, so rest assured that we’ll also tell you exactly which Tell-tale Traits® you should look for in a romantic match (and which are serious red flags). (If you’re intentionally looking for red flags to fuel a tale of doomed love, you can upgrade to a Premium account to change your compatibility preferences.)

Step 2: Let our algorithm pair you up with compatible partners

Our sophisticated algorithm will analyze your preferences and quirks (without judgment) and match you with compatible partners. No longer will you have to screen matches for bad taste, bad grammar, or unbearable writing routines. (We know how hard it is to kindle a spark with someone who writes for ten hours a day). 

If you’re a Fairytale Finisher, for example — a creative, guileless soul who looks on the bright side and forever seeks a happy ending — we’ll never pair you with a Plot Twister — a writer with a caffeine-to-word ratio that inspires so much spontaneity and recklessness they’re likely to drive a (metaphorical) knife into your heart.

Instead, we’ll match you with other Fairytale Finishers and compatible personality types. 

Archetypes card for a dating app for writers
A few other examples of the twelve Tell-tale Traits®.
A couple of personal profiles on a dating app for writers
How the Tell-tale Traits® will show up in your profile.

Looking for the Zelda to your F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Percy to your Mary Wollstonecraft Shelly? You can filter potential matches by geographic location. This app is also perfect for those seeking out romantic pen pals. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Sappho, Keats, and Kafka and let longing fuel your masterpiece, ReedsyMatch can connect you with a writer who’s woefully out of reach.

Step 3: Start chatting and explore your connection!

If your match likes you back, it’s time to get the conversation going! We require a minimum of 40 characters in the initial message so that you can rest assured no one will ever reach out with a simple-to-the-point-of-offense “Hey” or “Sup.” Instead, we encourage you to start a conversation on common ground: your shared literary interests and Tell-tale Traits®.

Example of a chat between writers in a dating app

Unlike other dating apps, there is no character limit, so you are free to share however much you need to express who you are and what you’re looking for (yes, even if that means copy-pasting your entire work-in-progress). (We cannot be held liable in the event of plagiarism, negative reader reports, or resulting autofiction; please see our terms and conditions in full.)

What are you waiting for... Download ReedsyMatch now!

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