Launching the Reedsy Live Chats

As our Reedsy authors and regular blog readers know, one of our main missions at Reedsy is to provide as much education as possible in the form of free content. Writing a book and publishing it are two very different — but equally formidable — challenges, and both have steep learning curves. The great thing about Reedsy is that we have hundreds of extremely experienced professionals who specialize in all areas of the publishing process, from writing the book, to editing, designing, formatting and marketing it. Of course, you can hire them through our marketplace, but to go one step... View Article

Today, Reedsy changes the way millions of authors will create books

Reedsy Book Editor writing tool header

We are incredibly proud. After months of work, we are releasing the first version of the Reedsy Book Editor, a writing tool that will transform the way millions of authors create their books. It took thousands of hours, and countless iterations on design and code to create what we believe will disrupt the process of writing and producing books. Okay we’ve said enough. Now, showtime. The simplest yet most innovative way to create books The first thing we wanted to do was to create a great environment to write in. We didn’t want to replicate Microsoft Word’s awful interface and... View Article

Operation: Thriller, a Free Writing Competition

Thriller Writing Competition

A month or so ago, we had a nice chat with Monica Landers, the CEO of, a cool startup looking to facilitate the submissions and acquisitions process for authors, agents, and publishers alike. We’ve been wanting to run a writing competition for a quite a bit, and provided the perfect platform for us and our judges to handle the submissions and go through them. So we decided to finally do it and launch our first writing contest, Operation: Thriller, together with them. How to enter the writing competition The contest is open to all US and UK authors,... View Article

How Does Reedsy Select its Publishing Professionals?

Reedsy Professionals

“How do you select the editors and designers featured on your marketplace?” This is one of the questions we get most often at Reedsy, probably because we can’t help bragging (loudly and often) about the quality of our publishing professionals. The curation of our marketplace is what makes us a truly incomparable player in the industry. Over 10,000 publishing professionals (editors, designers, illustrators, publicists, marketers and translators) have applied to be featured on our site. Currently, only 350 have been accepted. Reviewing thousands of profiles So how do people apply, exactly? It’s pretty simple: professionals only need to sign up... View Article

Launching our Reedsy Project Protection

Reedsy Project Protection

Establishing a safe place for authors and publishers Our goal with Reedsy since the very beginning has been to create a safe place for authors and publishers to work seamlessly with the best publishing talent. We envisioned a place where they could be certain that every single collaboration would be a success. Although our careful curation process has helped bring about this reality, we wanted to make it more official. That’s why we just released our Reedsy Project Protection policy, contained within our Terms of Use. Here is an excerpt:

Connect with publicists on Reedsy

Think great books sell themselves? Well, you’d be wrong. Publicists know the industry better than a writer knows the taste of hot coffee. Luckily for you, some of the best are now available on Reedsy! These publicists have worked on some incredible books. Head over to the marketplace to find a professional that can help you. Jen Musico –  Mark Frontier – Pamela Peterson – Rob Nissen – Barbara Teszler – Justin Hargett – Helen Lewis – Susan Weinstein – Marisa Dobson – Happy writing 🙂 – The Reedsy Team

How To Set Up Your Author Profile on Reedsy

Reedsy Author Profile

In today’s competitive publishing landscape, ensuring that you have the most cohesive and effective online presence is a crucial challenge towards establishing an author brand. This is what the Reedsy profiles are for: we allow you to integrate all the information about your writing and your books in one single, customizable website. Here’s how to set it up and take full advantage of its capabilities! Seamless integrations Let’s start with the easiest stuff. Reedsy allows you to integrate in one click with Goodreads, Twitter, Linkedin and your favourite blogging platform (WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger). That way, we just pull the... View Article

New: Author Profiles on the Reedsy Network

A few months ago, we gave editors and designers the tools to create a beautiful profile on Reedsy. Today, we’re proud to be unveiling author profiles! Log in to your Reedsy account here and get started on yours now for free! Marketing matters – grow your followers and build up a mailing list Your readers can follow your profile by subscribing to your updates with their email address. An exportable list of fans can then be created and used for your marketing campaigns. Mailing lists are a powerful tool for authors seeking early traction; there is no better time than... View Article

Reedsy now allows authors to receive quotes from professional editors and illustrators

Compare Quotes

Reedsy is already making waves in the publishing industry. Last month, we gave authors the best marketplace to find publishing professionals. Today marks a new milestone with Reedsy: we’re allowing authors to request quotes from freelance editors and illustrators. Browse the marketplace Reedsy allows you to browse our curated network of publishing professionals. Access to these people is no longer the sole privilege of publishing houses. Now indie authors can find them in a single click. We’re very proud of the people we have on board. We’ve lost track of how many bestsellers we’ve seen in their portfolios. Select and... View Article