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How I Scored an Amazon Book Deal with Thomas & Mercer (in 5 Stages)

May 19, 2017 – From our Authors, Understanding Publishing

Last year we spoke with author Natalie Barelli about striking a big item off her bucket list: writing and publishing her debut novel, Until I Met Her. Less than 12 months later, Natalie has been signed by Thomas & Mercer (an Amazon Publishing imprint), and her novel is undergoing a re-release... Read more →

Evernote's Beat Buhlmann: "How I became the CEO of my own life"

Apr 28, 2017 – From our Authors

Beat Buhlmann is the General Manager of Evernote EMEA. With ten years of life management coaching under his belt, he decided to write a book about personal development planning and how it can help people manage their work goals and personal lives simultaneously. His book, Become the CEO of Your O... Read more →

5 Simple Marketing Strategies for First-Time Authors

Apr 06, 2017 – From our Authors, Book Marketing

Brent Jones recently gave up his freelance career as a social media manager to pursue creative writing full-time. At the end of this past February, he published his debut novel, The Fifteenth of June, and in the following month, Brent has been focused on what he knows to be an equally important p... Read more →

4 Things That Surprised me About Self-Publishing an Academic Book

Mar 16, 2017 – From our Authors

Joshua Gans is no stranger to academic publishing. Self-publishing on the other hand is new territory, and the process delivered more than a few surprises. Read more →

Two Types of Writers: Plotters and Pantsers

Mar 09, 2017 – Perfecting your Craft, From our Authors

Writing has always been a passion for the UK-based former journalist Amanda Wills, who now works part-time as a police press officer. Her latest book, Flick Henderson and the Deadly Game, was published in December last year, with a cover design courtesy of Reedsy artist Rachel Lawston. In this ar... Read more →

Was Swearing in My Book Title a Sh*tty Idea?

Feb 23, 2017 – From our Authors, Book Marketing

When not traveling the world, Jeff Wheeland lives in California with his wife and baby daughter. This is his first novel and he may even write another if anyone likes this one. Hell, he may even write another if no one likes this one. In this article, Jeff talks about his decision to swear in the... Read more →

How Reading Comic Books Improved My Writing

Feb 16, 2017 – From our Authors

Dr. Franklin Warsh is an Investigating Coroner and retired family doctor who lives in London, Ontario. While writing his first full-length book, The Flame Broiled Doctor (a memoir of his experiences working in the health care system), Frank Warsh realized that his many years of reading comic book... Read more →

How "Write What You Know" Helps You Find a Target Market

Feb 01, 2017 – From our Authors

When she was 26, Fiona MacBain moved to Tunisia and ran a watersports base near Sousse with her local husband (more about that at She returned to the UK with her 6-month old daughter in 1999 and eventually settled in Inverness, where she lives with her husband and children. In ... Read more →

Worldbuilding Resources for Historical Fiction Writers

Jan 19, 2017 – From our Authors

Amy Arden is a history enthusiast. She holds a graduate degree from the University of Kent at Canterbury where some of her happiest moments involved unfurling parchment at Canterbury Cathedral Archives. In this article, she talks about the challenge of worldbuilding in historical fiction — and ho... Read more →

How Working with an Editor Helped me Score a Publishing Deal

Dec 22, 2016 – From our Authors

Leslie Heath recently secured a publishing contract for her novel "The Last Mayor's Son". She attributes a large part of her book's success to her editor. In this article, she shares glimpses into the editing process and her advice on how to maintain a good author-editor relationship. A good e... Read more →

CEO and Novelist: An Entrepreneur's Experience of the Self-Publishing Industry

Nov 22, 2016 – From our Authors

In 2004, Leonora Meriel founded and managed Ukraine’s largest Internet company. In 2008, after becoming CEO of the company, Leonora decided to return to her dream of being a writer, and went on to self-publish her first novel, “The Woman Behind the Waterfall”. In this guest post, she discusses ho... Read more →

Why Self-Publishing Kickstarted My Children's Lit Career

Nov 10, 2016 – From our Authors

Native Finn, Tuire Siiriainen is an illustrator and the founder of Blueberry & Pie, a self-publishing company. With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, she published her first book through her company in August 2016 — a personalized children’s adventure called "Message in a Bottle." Read on t... Read more →

Stepping Back From My Company To Become a Full-Time Mystery Novelist

Nov 07, 2016 – From our Authors

JD Shiner enjoyed a twenty-eight-year career in the world of wireless data communications and now writes full-time. He is an expert on developing technologies, fiber transmission, firearms, fast cars, and thriller fiction. In this guest post, JD talks about his decision to take a break from the w... Read more →

How the US Marine Corps Prepared Me to Self-Publish

Oct 28, 2016 – From our Authors

Matt Leatherwood is a former United States Marine and two-time self-published author. In this guest post, Matt shares how his experience in the Marine Corps inspired him to self-publish novels, and how returning to the publishing industry after more than a decade-long hiatus has shaped him as an ... Read more →

How Self-Publishing Gave me the Creative Control I Needed

Oct 17, 2016 – From our Authors

Christina Hamlett is an award-winning author whose credits to date include 34 books, 161 plays, five optioned feature films, and hundreds of articles and interviews. She is also a script consultant for the movie industry and a professional ghostwriter. Read on to find out about her experience wit... Read more →

In Gaza, I Dare to Dream: Writing a Memoir from Occupied Palestine

Sep 13, 2016 – From our Authors

Rana Shubair is a writer from Palestine specializing in English language training, testing, and translation. Her first book, In Gaza I Dare to Dream, is a powerful memoir detailing everyday life within the Gaza Blockade. I discovered my passion for writing at the age of 12. I'd buy a stack of ... Read more →

How I Self-Published My First Novel at the Age of 50

Aug 23, 2016 – From our Authors

Andy Emery writes fast-paced thrillers set in 19th Century London. Lucas Gedge, the protagonist of Blood Tribute, had to wait till Andy turned 50 before he could go out into the world. In this guest post, Andy reveals what finally made him take the leap and self-publish his debut novel. An appea... Read more →

Self-Publishing a Family Memoir

Aug 01, 2016 – From our Authors

Having previously published many children's books, Malaika Rose Stanley is no stranger to publishing. Yet with Loose Connections, she attempted something completely different from her usual style of writing. Read on to know what it was like for her to self-publish her book and go on a familiar ye... Read more →

Writing a Book when English is not your First Language by author Dom Cutrupi

Jul 21, 2016 – From our Authors

Dom Cutrupi is the author of The Abyss of Lumberwitch, the first volume of his Abyss series. A storyteller by day, and a video editor by night, he chose to write a novel in English even though it was a foreign language for him. In an intimate conversation with the Reedsy team, Dom reveals what it... Read more →

How to Get “Writing a Novel” off Your Bucket List

Jul 04, 2016 – From our Authors

Natalie Barelli harbored a dream that's all too familiar for our readers — writing a novel. An IT professional writing a psychological thriller might have seemed like a pipe dream, but persistence led to a book which by all accounts is a real page-turner. If "writing a novel" is still on your buc... Read more →

Making Hiding Haelo in the Reedsy Book Editor

Jun 23, 2016 – From our Authors

Tara Holladay is the author of Hiding Haelo. We're thrilled to share with you that she used the Reedsy Book Editor to print her book with Amazon's KDP Print. Since we felt that being able to export a print ready file straight from your browser will empower many authors who want to self-publish, i... Read more →

Turning a Life's Work into a Book — An Interview with Sallyann Della Casa

Jun 01, 2016 – From our Authors

Literary pursuits and social action come together naturally in Sallyann Della Casa's world. Being a pioneer in using the written word to draw attention to her entrepreneurial work, she has unique lessons to share. We were very excited to find out more about her decision to work with Reedsy editor... Read more →

Starting a Historical Fiction Series – A Reedsy Success Story

May 03, 2016 – From our Authors

Historical fiction author R.P. Wollbaum is another great example of the tremendous opportunity self-publishing represents for authors. Read more →

"My old publisher made mistakes I wouldn't tolerate" – The story of Greg White's The Pink Marine

Mar 15, 2016 – From our Authors, Understanding Publishing

Greg White, author of The Pink Marine, left his publisher shortly after his first book's publication. He went on to self-publish the book with great success Read more →

My first children's book – A Reedsy Success Story

Feb 25, 2016 – From our Authors

Today, we're hosting a great story by Praveen Krishnan, a debut author who just published his first children's book to teach kids about science. Here's what motivated him to start writing it, and how he went about the publishing process. Barely a month or two after my first son was born, as any ... Read more →

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