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The changing role of editors — An interview with Lane Ashfeldt

Lane Ashfeldt Editor Author

“We tend to associate independent publishing with early-career writers getting their first break, since this is the kind of story that has tended to grab the headlines. But another significant group of authors choosing to self-publish are mid-career writers whose contracts for certain titles have expired.” We say on our homepage that our Reedsy professionals ... read more »

How to Make a Living as a Freelance Book Editor

How to become a book editor

Last updated 06/07/2017 Today, our lovely editor and Reedsy advisor Rebecca Heyman shares her thoughts on building great author-editor relationships. In this article, Becca offers some brilliant no-nonsense advice on how to build your editorial skills, the requirements to establish yourself professionally, and how to go about creating the best job in the world! To ... read more »

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