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Publishing a Fundraising Field Guide, by Carlos Eduardo Espinal

August 14, 2015 - Book Marketing - 5 Comments

Three days ago, we experienced the mixture of fear, excitement and fascination that comes with a book launch. We released our very first book under the Reedsy imprint: a Fundraising Field Guide, by Carlos Eduardo Espinal, partner at Seedcamp (Europe’s #1 Acceleration Fund). Reedsy is not really a publishing company, so this might come as a small surprise to ... read more »

Pinterest for authors: a step-by-step guide

July 28, 2015 - Book Marketing - 8 Comments

Pinterest for Authors Header

Pinterest is the social media site that has every wannabe chef and bride-to-be totally hooked. It allows users to “pin their interests” to create virtual scrapbooks filled with hundreds of inspirational images: recipes, vacation destinations, home decor, wedding details, etc. With about 70 million users, the idea behind the platform is to enhance the ingenuity ... read more »

What authors actually think of Amazon’s Pay-Per-Page Model

Amazon 'Pay-Per-Page' Model

This past month's buzz about Amazon’s announcement of a Pay-Per-Page model for Kindle Unlimited authors has received a myriad of responses. Much of it has consisted of information being blown completely out of proportion on various media pages. Vocal journalists have expressed their fear of Amazon promoting length over quality, or of Amazon total dominance of ... read more »

Infographic: 5 Actionable Social Media Tips for Authors

July 9, 2015 - Book Marketing - 4 Comments

Social media is the key to every self-publisher’s dream when it comes to marketing. Though complex, it’s the foreground to any successful book marketing strategy… and it’s free! Being a self-published author means creating great content, but does it also mean you need to be an expert marketer? Thanks to the social web, no–though it ... read more »

What to expect from your book cover designer

June 25, 2015 - Book Design - 2 Comments

What to expect from your book cover designer

You’ve written a brief and commissioned a designer. What’s next? In this guest post, bestselling book cover designer Simon Avery explains the process of working with a cover designer, from the first concepts up to the final payment.  Professional cover design is part of what makes a bestselling title. So it’s no wonder that successful ... read more »

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