Understanding publishing

Understanding publishing is now easy thanks to insights from experts on our blog. This section of Reedsy's blog explores the rapidly changing face of publishing in the digital age.

Can Non-Fiction Authors Create Their Own Indexes?

Jul 14, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

Learn why hiring a freelance indexer to create a professional index is important for non-fiction authors looking to stand out in a competitive market. Read more →

Winning the World’s Largest Online Writing Contest – A Reedsy Success Story

Jul 12, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

The Wattys is a yearly writing competition by Wattpad. Author Rhón, one of the 2015 winners, shares his story on how he first gained fame on Wattpad. Read more →

Print and Distribute Your Book with Blurb and Reedsy

Jun 07, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

Learn how to print and distribute bookstore-quality books using Reedsy and Blurb. It's a simple four-step plan from manuscript to final delivery. Read more →

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book in 2024

Mar 02, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

Turning your blog into a book can be a game-changer for your business. Learn how to turn your blog into a book in 5 steps! Read more →

5 Reasons Why Selling to Libraries Needs to be a Top Priority

Feb 22, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

Publishing industry expert Amy Collins reveals why self-publishing authors should try to get libraries to stock their books. Read more →

The 21 Best News Roundups for Self-Publishing Authors

Feb 08, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

Don't miss out on the best new articles and tips for self-publishing authors. Add these 21 exceptional roundups to your regular reading rotation! Read more →

What do Women Writers Want from an Editor?

Jan 24, 2017 – Understanding Publishing

Author and editor Laurie Garrison takes a long hard look at how the editing process needs to evolve to better suit women writers in the 21st Century. Read more →

Ask an Editor: How are textbooks made and why are they so damn expensive?

Nov 30, 2016 – Understanding Publishing

Karrin Marie Varucene is a Reedsy editor with seven years of editorial experience, including development editing, copy editing, and proofreading. She gained her editorial start in educational publishing and has since groomed her skills with creative nonfiction manuscripts and digital content mark... Read more →

"How I made Simon & Schuster give me my own publishing company:" An Interview with Tucker Max

Oct 13, 2016 – Understanding Publishing

Tucker Max is a trailblazer in the world of publishing. Find out how the author of 'I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell' sold millions of copies and held a Big Five publisher to ransom in the process. Read more →

Stuck on your first draft? Call a developmental editor... or a ghostwriter

Sep 15, 2016 – Understanding Publishing

So, you’ve got an original idea for a book. Maybe it’s the memoir you’ve meant to write for years, or a stunning business book designed to shake up the status quo in Silicon Valley. Once you have this idea, how do you turn it into an actual manuscript? Writing a book is no simple task, which is ... Read more →

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