“I like things a little more visceral…” — An interview with designer Stewart Williams.

January 9, 2015 - Book Design - Leave your thoughts


We are proud to feature designer Stewart Williams on Reedsy. Stewart’s arresting, beautiful and original designs have spanned a large range of titles from novels to cooking to poetry and a range of non-fiction. We got some great insights into Stewart’s creative process, his approach to different genres and authors, plus the opportunities of a ... read more »

Self-Publishing 101: Part 2 - Cover Design

June 23, 2014 - Book Design - Leave your thoughts

Empty Book Covers.

In Part 1 of our “Self-Publishing 101” series, I convinced you to hire several editors (best-selling author Bella Andre actually has 5 line editors…). So what’s next? Cover design. Cover design Unfortunately for me, I can’t use Bella Andre as an example here, since she creates her own cover designs. But as Hugh Howey (another ... read more »