How to Choose the Right Book Cover Dimensions

March 29, 2018 - Book Design - 4 Comments


[Last updated 10/30/2018] When we talk about book cover design, we often talk about the color palette, typography and use of images. What we rarely mention are the dimensions of the cover. After all, it’s usually determined by the book’s trim size. That, or it’s seemingly inconsequential, as most new independent authors rely on ebook ... read more »

What Are the Standard Book Sizes in Publishing?

November 30, 2017 - Book Design - 7 Comments

[Last updated 10/26/2018] Glance at the nearest bookshelf. Have you noticed that books come in all shapes and sizes? Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t because publishers are out to obliterate the perfect symmetry of our bookshelves. The truth is that book sizes vary based on each individual book — and publishers determine these sizes ... read more »