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Posted on May 04, 2017

A new romance book template... that's made for you

Earlier in the year, we sent out an April Fool's email suggesting that we were turning Reedsy into a dating service for lovelorn authors. From the kind replies we received, it became clear that more than a few of you have a soft spot for romance...

If you're one of the 10% of Reedsians currently writing romance, we've prepared a little surprise: a belated Valentine's gift, you could call it.

Typeset your love story for free, with our new romance export template for the Reedsy Book Editor!

Romance export template

I hope you'll enjoy this new EPUB and print-ready PDF template. The team and I really look forward to seeing the books you create with it. Why not launch the Reedsy Book Editor and export your book to check it out!

But what even is the Reedsy Book Editor? And how do I access it?

Great question! The Reedsy Book Editor is a free, but advanced book production tool. Import your manuscript then typeset it to beautifully formatted print-ready PDF and EPUB files. Liberate your prose from Word and give our typesetting tool a spin.

Reedsy Book Editor Blue Sidebar

Exporting your book with the romance book template

Once you are happy with the formatting of your book, hit the export button located in the top right-hand corner of the Reedsy Book Editor.

Export buttonConfigure your export settings:

There are various export options to choose from to help you personalise your book.

EPUB and PDF conversion

Select the Romance theme:

romance book template preview

Then hit export! Simple, your files will be available to download within seconds. You'll be on your way to the romance hall of fame in no time!

To learn more about the Reedsy Book Editor check out our post on how to format your book.  Alternatively, if you can stand the sound of my voice check out this short video:

ZF6MHRgMQIo Video Thumb
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