The circle of death

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Crime Horror Thriller

There was a girl named Isabelle she lived with her two sisters Sofia, Emma and her mother Amelia. Then ko One day Emma, Sofia and Isabelle moved to los Angeles from London with their mother. Emma was very nervous. Isabelle asked her ‘hey Emma why are you looking so nervous?’ Emma said ‘oh issie I am nervous about los Angeles. There will be a new school new friends new malls new….you get the idea right?’ ‘ ya ya. How about you sof? Are you nervous?’ said Isabelle. ‘nah I’m not. I’m exited to go to LA!’ said Sofia in a cheerful voice. Soon they reached LA and their mom Amelia said ‘girls we reached our new house!’ the girls shouted. ‘oh finally we reached!’ they looked at their house and saw an old castle like house it was called the house of Valerie de Merril. Sofia asked her mom ‘mom who is Valerie de Merril?’ ‘oh why don’t you go and research about her. Go and met your New neighbours and make friends and ask them if they know something.’ Said their mother. So Emma, Sofia and Isabelle went to go and meet new people and make friends first they went to a house called Brown’s. There they met a very cheerful and positive lady and her two children, a girl named molly and a boy named James. Their father was also very cheerful and nice. Next They went to another house named the Watson’s, they knocked on the door and a lovely old couple came out the girls met them and went back home……

Emma, Isabelle and Sofia sat on the dining table with their mother. Isabelle started eating like she has not eaten since a year!. She took a whole bunch of vegetables…..ew……. Even broccoli and ate five to six vegetables at a time they all were staring at her as she ate like a pig. Soon Isabelle realised that she is being stared at and said ‘have you not seen a hungry girl before?’ Soon it was bedtime and the girls went to their bedroom. There were three beds and the room was of three colours. The purple side was for Emma, turquoise was for Isabelle and for Sofia it was pink her favourite colour. Isabelle said ‘ew turquoise! Such a dirty colour! So last year!’ Emma was shocked ‘OMG! Issie, in the old house you said you could give away all your things just for having a turquoise bed!’ she said. ‘ya ya so what if I said that, black is the most awesome colour!’ said Isabelle smiling. Emma and Sofia were really surprised but went to sleep but just when they were about to fall asleep Isabelle started to snore. Isabelle never snored before In her life but Today she was!. Emma and Sofia had a difficult time to fall asleep but when they did Isabelle woke up and went out of the room.

It was morning, the sun was shining, Amelia called out ‘girls it’s time for breakfast!’ Emma and Sofia came down but Isabelle did not. Emma asked ‘mom where is Isabelle?’, there was a voice ‘ I’m here’, it was Isabelle, she gave a fright to everyone. They all ate breakfast and their mom sent the girls out to play. Emma said ‘umm…. Where should we go?’ ‘let’s go to play with molly and James’ said Sofia. They went to the Brown’s house, there Mrs brown (the cheerful and positive lady) opened the door. She said ‘oh girls! It’s you!, Come in come in. Molly and James are in their room, you go play with them I’ll get the snacks’ ‘ it’s called hangi'n out to kids our age’ said Isabelle in a rude tone. The girls then found themselves in front of the bedroom door of James and molly, they knocked on the door and the door creaked open, the girls entered and saw a white thing in front of them, Sofia screamed ‘aaaaaaa’. Just then the white thing removed it’s white skin, it was James and molly dressed up as a Ghost to prank the girls. All of them were laughing except Isabelle who was furious.

Mrs brown brought everyone snacks…… YUM!..... veggie puffs and banana smoothies. Isabelle said ‘ew I hate veggie puffs!’ ‘oh I’m sorry dear I’ll get cheese balls for you’ said Mrs brown awkwardly. Everyone ate the snacks and drank the smoothies. Soon it was evening , the girls went home and ate dinner. At night the same thing happened again, Isabelle went out of the bedroom. Isabelle went to the Watson’s backyard. The next day Mr Watson was found dead in his backyard. The Brown’s and the girl’s family was invited to his funeral. Everyone was sad except Isabelle she was smiling. The police wanted to solve this problem as before Mr Watson died, the day before another man named Mr Coyle died in his backyard. Sad Mrs Watson said she had not seen nor heard anything to the police. The police also asked all the Neighbours, soon the police asked Isabelle, she simply smiled and said ‘I think he died of old age’.

It was another day, the girl’s mother screamed......aaaaaa……, the girls rushed down and saw Isabelle standing next to a dead body, with a dagger in her hand, and her clothes covered in blood. Everyone was terror struck, they never thought that Isabelle could do something like this, Sofia asked Isabelle from the stairs ‘issie d..d..did you k..k..kill this man?’ then Isabelle spoke in a distorted voice ‘yes it is I who killed this man, Mr Watson and Mr Coyle….. hahahaha……’ ‘but why would you do such a thing Isabelle I know is kind, nice, and sweet, she would never do such a thing.’ Said Emma. ‘ I’m not your Isabelle, I’m Valerie de Merril the original owner of this house and I am in Isabelle’s body so I can take revenge from the people who murdered me’ said Valerie in Isabelle’s body. ‘ what can we give you to stop you from killing people?’ said Amelia. ‘ there is one way, one of the people living in this house will have to sacrifice their life!.’ Everyone was thinking just then Emma said ‘I will sacrifice my life!’ then Sofia said ‘no! I will’ but just then their. Mother said ‘ shut up you two! I will sacrifice my life’ then Isabelle said ‘oh so the mother will sacrifice herself! Come in this black circle of death. Isabelle started making a black circle. Amelia stepped in it and immediately vanished.

Isabelle turned into herself again and said ‘what happened?, Where’s mom?’ she saw the dagger in her hand and she screamed…… aaaaa….. she threw the dagger on the dead body and she screamed again, just then the dagger and the dead body disappeared. Isabelle ran towards her crying sisters. Emma and Sofia explained what had happened and Isabelle burst into tears. Later that day the girls went to the Brown’s house and told them everything that had happened and later told it to the police and they sealed the house.

the girls were then sent to their aunt's house.

but you didn't think tis was the end did ya?

{part 2 coming up}


August 27, 2021 03:47

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