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Please check out my Daughter of Disgrace series. There’s a link to the next in the comments. 1. Daughter of Disgrace 2. Children of Chance 3. Daughters of Revelation 4. Children of Desperation 5. Daughter of Slaughter 6. Children of Revenge 7. Daughter of Regret 8. Child of Ruin 9. Daughter of Peace 10. Children with Dreams 11. Daughter of Crann 12. The Cold Taste of Defeat 13. A Trail of Blood 14. The Caged Bird Sings 15. Red Blood, Cold Winds and Green Knights 16. Puppet of Fate 17. The Traitor’s Redemption 18. One of Those Knights 19. Nephilim Knights 20. War Weary 21. The Assassin That Flew 22. Bathing With Social Piranhas 23. Bloody Teeth in Freezing Water 24. The Church of Red Knives 25. Archbishop of Assassins 26. Blood for Money 27. Regicidal Storms and Hanged Men 28. A Stab at the Queen 29. Someone Old, Something New, Something Stolen, Deadly Too 30. Big Bang Theories 31. A Day Without Death 32. A Stolen Heart 33. Wasting Away 34. Arise, Sir Longbow 35. Love in Ashes 36. Death Loves the Brave Ones 37. Brave Defence, Cruel Invasion 38. A Broken Soldier and A Brave Girl 39. Fire and War 40. Aftermath 41. Rebuilding After Ruin 42. Cutting Tension 43. Glass Ghosts 44. Destined Departure 45. Skulls in the Dark 46. Dancing Seas, Quaking Earth, Rocking Beds 47. Moonlight on Speartips 48. Warrior's Tales 49. Empire of the Endless Wall 50. Rough Negotiation 51. Fool 52. The Tale of Sir Danielle Longbow 53. Once an Enemy, Now a Prince 54. The Peace of the Forest 55. Drinking With the Enemy 56. Fighting Friends and Breaking Blades 57. Broken Hand My science fantasy series; 1. Alessia Awakens 2. Alessia Grows 3. Alessia Dares 4. Alessia's Values 5. Alessia's New Friend My sci-fi/crime series about resurrection; 1. Breakthrough 2. Breakaway My comedy/fantasy series 1. The Museum of Magical Items 2. Drunk Death 3. Rating the Reaper 4. Tome Travel 5. Rest for the Wicked 6. Robbed by Cats 7. Steveguns Beat Rayguns I went to Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland. I work in Tokyo now. Favourite books: Slaughterhouse 5, Sea of Rust, Dune, Revenger, The Martian, The Witcher series, Flowers for Algernon, Gideon the Ninth, The Gentleman Bastards series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Favourite TV shows: Community, Battlestar Galactica(2004), The Mandalorian, Humans, The Witcher, Star Trek, Farscape, Stargate, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Breaking Bad…… If you have thoughts or opinions on any of my stories or you want to talk about anything science fiction or fantasy then I’m up for that.