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If you like fantasy please check out my Daughter of Disgrace series: 1. Daughter of Disgrace 2. Children of Chance 3. Daughters of Revelation 4. Children of Desperation 5. Daughter of Slaughter 6. Children of Revenge 7. Daughter of Regret 8. Child of Ruin 9. Daughter of Peace 10. Children with Dreams 11. Daughter of Crann 12. The Cold Taste of Defeat 13. A Trail of Blood 14. The Caged Bird Sings 15. Red Blood, Cold Winds and Green Knights 16. Puppet of Fate I went to Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Scotland. I work in Tokyo now. Favourite books: Slaughterhouse 5, Sea of Rust, Dune, Revenger, The Witcher series.